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VinnyVideo Monday, Monday Oct 6 2015, 12:07 AM

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Sometimes it just turns out that way.

Congratulations to Q-Nova for winning the September Game of the Month with The Flooded Tower. It's quite a tasty little game!

I should also note that there are still only 10 Google hits for Vanessa Stepside, which is most lamentable indeed.

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VinnyVideo Ready to rumble Sep 25 2015, 1:15 AM

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I heard that a little Mario-making game was recently released! MFGG is currently running a Mario Maker level design competition on the forums, and you should check it out!

In addition, MFGG Wrestling has returned once more. Go check it out before someone hits you with a gorilla press slam or locks you in the camel clutch.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Bullet Bill Attack
[Minigame] By Mario Silva
Can you survive until the time runs out? ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Q-Nova-Style Block Tileset By Q-Nova
Super Mario Maker's Bowser By bEEtleCCF
SUPER MARIO BROS. Remade Sprites By Mit
Super Mario Maker (SMW) Hammer Bros By gamermakerguy
Edited & Custom SMW Enemies By SnowBubble
SMB 8-Bit Objects and Decorations By Sics
Super Mario Maker - Super Mario World Airship Tileset By hamza62240
Super Mario RPG Kamek By Yakibomb
Sunlight - Enemy: Whomp By hamza62240
Sunlight - Tileset: Castle By hamza62240
Wario Land 1 various sprites colored By masterxilo
Q-Nova-Style Koopa Troopa By Q-Nova

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Gato Promotions! Sep 11 2015, 11:00 PM

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I'd like to congratulate my bro Blutorus for making the cut as our newly-promoted Global Moderator.

For further details, the thread can be viewed here.

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to apply to the position on behalf of the staff.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros Doomsday (Demo)
[Platform] By BuzzNBen
It is the year 2012 for the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser plans to take over the world. However ...
Thumbnail Super Fangame Maker
[Action] By Willsaber, Medic Robot
The very first Super Mario Maker fangame is now available on MFGG!

I have finally fulfilled ...
Thumbnail Mario's Bamboo Climbing
[Minigame] By spongyoshi
Done for the Minigame Competition #3
It is my first game submission on MFGG and my first participation ...
Thumbnail Mario Tails (Flappy Bird Clone)
[Other] By IAmGreenMike
You guys remember Flappy Bird, right? Addicting game from 2014, where you had to flap your little bird ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Super Mario Maker SMB Tiles By The IT
Mario RPG Series 8-Bit Sprites By gamermakerguy
Custom SMB3 Bowser's castle Tiles By qwertyuiop666
Super Mario Maker SMB3 Ghost House Tiles 8-bit & 16-bit By Valtteri
Super Mario Maker's Bowser Jr. By bEEtleCCF

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Yoshbert ACTUAL Back-to-School Update Sep 3 2015, 7:25 PM

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Heya, kids! Are you all ready to go back to school- okay, let's get serious here.

A special shout-out to all of our MFGGers preparing to jump right back into the world of classes, books, pencils, tests, and grades. Hope you have fun. *snrrrk*

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Mario & Luigi Superstar Platformer
[Platform] By Ultramario
This is one of my older games, in fact it's my first minigame competition entry ever. It's also ...
Thumbnail Mario vs GigaBowser
[Action] By Ultramario
This is another one of my older games. A minigame competition entry with a boss fight theme. Credit ...
Thumbnail Mario Helmet Deluxe 2
[Minigame] By redroses2
Helmet v7 by redroses2
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Pipe Tileset By funmaker
ghost house tileset By funmaker
Super Mario Maker Skinny Mario By gamermakerguy
SMW Styled SMB3 Suits By SMBFan01

Meanwhile, I and a couple of other folks get to sleep in for another two weeks. Being in college can be kind of cool sometimes.
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DJ Coco NCFC is on! Aug 27 2015, 1:38 AM

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Have you checked out NCFC yet? There's lots of cool fangames there (I'm referring to the four booths I submitted, of course!). I mean, what? Anywho, go check it out!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Hello Fangaming Collection
[Platform] By Hello
Join Mario and Luigi on their adventure in this ten year anniversary collection! This collection includes ...
Thumbnail Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest (NCFC Demo)
[Puzzle] By Blutorus
There isn't really much worth talking about this game yet, but it's the start of the spinoff ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Super Mario Generations Styles - SMB 30th Anniversary By Mario Silva
Daisy - Super Mario Bros Style By EvilYoshiToes
SMB3 Custom Extend Grass Sizable Tileset By Forzen Auoura
M&L: Propeller Luigi By SMBZ1
Super Mario All-Stars Styled Super Mario Bros. 3 NES King Transformations By cyber47509
Modern Bowser - SMW By KorHosik
Drill Fish By CM30
Mario Maker Super Mario Bros. 1 Sprites in 16 Bits By Valtteri
Mario Maker Super Mario Bros. 1 Ghost House + Airship By Valtteri
Various Power-Ups NSMB-styled By SnowBubble
SMB - Custom Overworld Background By Mario Silva
SMB - Remastered Ground/Overworld Tile By Mario Silva
Some enlarged SMW/SMB3 enemies By Ultramario
Waluigi Land tiles and sprites By Ultramario
NSMB DS HD Grassland By funmaker
SMB1 Super Mario Maker Revamped Bowser Jr! By gamermakerguy

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Ultramario Oh look, I'm still here! Aug 19 2015, 3:24 PM

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And I finally finished Waluigi Land, a fangame I started in 2009.

Shameless self-promotion aside:

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Yoshbert Back to School Update Jul 24 2015, 12:43 PM

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Heya, kids! Are you all ready to go back to school?! Of course you are! It's not like you still have over a month of summer vacation left or anything! Just drop what you're doing and stock up on those office supplies because it's time to get ready for schooooool!

Enjoy this update (and your freedom) while you can, because classes will be here before you know it!

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I hate these kinds of commercials
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