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Custom Tileset By: Metallic Guy
A custom grass tileset complete with pipes.
Downloads: 1281 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 03/19/11
SMW-ish Baby Yoshis By: geno
Edited from the Hello Engine 4 ones, and some Baby Yoshis from a SMW Hack.
Downloads: 2556 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 03/18/11
Mario (Mario Pinball Land / Super Mario Ball) By: Random Talking Bush [W]
Mario in ball form, from Mario Pinball Land... or Super Mario Ball, as it is also known. This seriously only took me about a minute to rip.
Downloads: 1717 Comments: 17 [NEW]  
Added: 03/17/11
Track Icons (Mario Kart 64) By: Random Talking Bush [W]
All of the track icons and course maps from Mario Kart 64, using texture dumps extracted from Project 64.
Downloads: 1400 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 03/17/11
Mugshots (Mario Kart 64) By: Random Talking Bush [W]
A proper rip of Mario Kart 64's mugshots, from texture dumps extracted using Project64.
Downloads: 2532 Comments: 7 [NEW]  
Added: 03/17/11
MLSS Donkey Kong By: Chrispriter [W]
Donkey Kong Sprites for Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Downloads: 7270 Comments: 65 [NEW]  
Added: 03/17/11
Luigi PMD style By: MarioBabyLuigi
Mario's younger twin brother, Luigi, explores the Pokemon world to find some stuff. Here it is: Luigi in PMD style.

The misc. sprites are not included this time, so please don't complain about it. I am kind of tired, and I will try ...
Downloads: 1905 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 03/15/11
M&L Bee Mario By: SMBZ1 [W]
Bee Mario's flying into M&L Style!
Downloads: 3277 Comments: 13 [NEW]  
Added: 03/14/11
Rotating Mushrooms By: Compor
This is my first submission.

This is a sheet of rotating mushrooms in New Super Mario Bros./Super Mario Galaxy style, it misses:

Ghost mushroom - I haven't got the texture
Spring mushroom - The shape is different and I ...
Downloads: 3590 Comments: 17 [NEW]  
Added: 03/13/11
SMW Mario Edits By: CyberWolfJV [W]
I bring to you a sheet with a lot of old sprites. These edits are the firsts of my life, and some are very poor, but since I already cancelled my fangame, M&S COTW, I thought that there's no problem in sharing them with you. I hope that these are ...
Downloads: 8619 Comments: 16 [NEW]  
Added: 03/12/11
Monkey Wars sprites By: Laan
All sprites of the game so far! Feel free to use!
Downloads: 1511 Comments: 15 [NEW]  
Added: 03/11/11
SMB 3/SMA 4 Overworld Objects and Events By: CaptainFoxx
Okay now! Here's my compilation of objects and event spaces from Super Mario Bros 3/Super Mario Advance 4 which I feel that I have included everything from those games into.

Also included are a few edited contents that I felt would look ...
Downloads: 3473 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 03/08/11
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Sewer Battlebackround By: Shadow Kami [W]
Sewer battle background from Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga.
Downloads: 2458 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 03/05/11
Birdo and Robirdo By: mariofan144 [E]
This is everything I found in SMB2 style. Credit is needed for Robirdo and Select Screen Birdo. Everything else... if you want to you can credit.
Downloads: 3094 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 03/04/11
M&L:SS Fang By: Chay-O
I made this a while ago and since it doesn't show up in my collection of submitted items, I'll assume I forgot to submit it.
Downloads: 2468 Comments: 12 [NEW]  
Added: 02/28/11
Skeleton Spike By: OmegaF.
A custom enemy based off the Spike enemies from NSMBwii and SMB3 respectively, made by OmegaF.
Downloads: 1952 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 02/25/11
Mario Sports Mix Customs By: supermariofan360 [W]
Customised HUD from Mario Sports Mix.
Downloads: 1935 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/20/11
M&LSS - Rocky Wrench (As In SMG) By: gameboy09
These Rocky Wrenches are from mario galaxy.

Thanks To Parakoopa for the smoke and the monty mole.

Thanks to Chrispriter for the wrench and the pod.
Downloads: 2440 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 02/20/11
Koopa PMD Styled By: MarioBabyLuigi
Koopa Troopa 100% custom Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-styled! Dry Bones is coming up next. And no, Dry Bones won't be just a lazy edit of this Koopa Troopa. Most of these Koopa Troopa sprites came from my Paratroopa, except I make several different sprites ...
Downloads: 2236 Comments: 11 [NEW]  
Added: 02/20/11
Little Subcon Tileset By: Two Face Boo [W]
Includes some Wart battle blocks
The waterfalls and red grass are in my other tileset and my peach sprite.
Downloads: 3641 Comments: 12 [NEW]  
Added: 02/20/11
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