Review Information
Game Reviewed Supra Mayro 64 Reboot, by Supra Mayro Bross Team
Review Author Roo
Created Apr 30 2023, 11:58 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It's been 64 years.
Pros + It's certainly a Supra Mayro game
+ Using the X-Files theme in the desert was an inspired music choice
+ Sonic is there
+ Biggie throws in some swear words for free. Whatta guy.
Cons - The camera is motherf***ing annoying, even as a joke
- It's unclear how much of the game is actually there
3 / 10
It works about as well as you'd expect a Supra Mayro game to work; not very. You can move around, jump, and not much else.

The camera might genuinely be the worst one in video game history, and I say that with affection (and scorn).

The level design isn't very good, which is probably very good. Depends on how you look at these things, I suppose.
3 / 10
They're about as good as you'd expect in a Supra Mayro game; not very.

If you want them to be good, throw in a Bob Barker JPG or something.
5 / 10
Some pretty damn sick remixes here, and I mean that in the "hospitalized" sense. The X-Files theme one was great. Biggie's cameo appearance was also very "based," as the kiddos say.
Final Words
3 / 10
If you're the kind of fella who likes the Supra Mayros, this is your Woodstock. If not, it's not.

I am, though, so give more pl0x

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