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Supernova Mario World Engine (SME3) By: Supernova [E] [W]
Supernova Mario World Engine (a.k.a. Saturn Mario Engine 3) is My third engine I discontinued. Since some glitches are unfix-able unless I start the whole thing over. Physics is hard to manage plus many scripts on it are pretty unorganized.

But here's a list what it mainly have:
-All sort of blocks
-Many basic Mario SMW movement
-Jump-through slopes
-Goomba, Koopa (Red,Green and Blue,) piranha plant
-Fireflower, Hammer, and Cape!
-And more
Target Applications: GM8

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[O] Created: Dec 6 2012, 6:59 PM
[O] Updated: Never
[O] File Size: 2.39MB
[O] Views: 6894
[O] Downloads: 1716
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Mors Dec 13 2012, 3:20 PM
This is best engine except Dragezeey's 7th Engine!!!!
Syr Dec 13 2012, 4:22 PM
I guess I'll probably make Mario vs. Super Nova using this. Creating some plot that follows to the mystery of Super Nova stopping the production of this epic engine.

That aside, it's a great addition.
BuzzNBen Dec 14 2012, 5:20 AM
Too bad you can't continue it, but I'll do my best in adding my own additions for SMB2012. ;)
Kirby's Adventure Jan 31 2013, 4:00 AM
Kirby's Adventure Jan 31 2013, 4:00 AM
question: What ar eparent objects for?
Murio May 14 2013, 10:59 AM
Quote (LuigiMario9 on Jan 31 2013, 5:00 AM)
question: What ar eparent objects for?

An object that has the same functionalities as another but there is no code in it is considered "child object" while the other one with the code is considered "parent object".
GameBoyEnhance Jul 31 2015, 4:39 AM
Um... why does the screen freeze when I run the program?
GreenMasterGames Jun 1 2017, 11:19 PM
I found the source used to make I HATE YOU.exe
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