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Game Reviewed Super Mario Gaiden (Demo), by radel999
Review Author KingGeoshiKoopshi64
Created Nov 29 2016, 6:12 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
While this game has potential it does need some gears fixed to be a game and it can become good.
Pros Fine looking level design.
fitting music and sound effects.
Somewhat of a unique Story kinda like Yoshi's Island but adult style wear Luigi needs to be saved.
Some use with my SMB3 SMAS Maker graphics.
Cons Glitches where I get stuck
The last level is too difficult compared to others even for a World 1 Castle level and a Demo.
Clashing graphics which makes it a terrible art style.
Map screen looks badly designed and rushed.
Some unfinished use of code
4 / 10
The level design okay, I guess. It's a bit weird at some parts but I don't really think it's very bad. Though, I think it's a bit too unfitting for a game called "Super Mario Gaiden" and the theme feels nothing like a ninja game (imo). The Castle Level of the demo is harder, though. Maybe a bit too hard compared to others even making some gaps where I have to jump. The physics are also not bad but the jumping is kinda terrible with it's gravity. The running speed is also a bit slow could be a bit faster. The fireballs and stomped Koopa Paratroopas fall downward is rather terrible! They have sort of incredibly strong gravitational pull of some sort cause otherwise it will be hard to control the fireballs.
The biggest problem. I had to kill myself twice to be able to continue the game. Once when the spring teleported to the top of the pipe, and once when I found the warp zone. The warp zone is unfinished you should never include them unless you blocked the way to going to the pipe without forcing me to leave the level again, and once you go there you have to wait for the time to run out as i can't get out of there. Good for you...
4 / 10
The game uses graphics from several mix of different styles, Which is SMB3, SMW, Shikaternia's tiles, Bews tileset etc. As you may see, they don't look good together since they are not edited to fit a graphical style. But seeing how you used Super Mario World graphics mostly you should use those I suggest so it has good visuals, I mean the sprites that you are using are pretty fine but inconsistent they just don't go together which makes it clash poorly.
What's bad is the map screen. It just looks and feels very rushed.
5 / 10
The music and sound effects are all 8-bit. It's not very suitable for a 16-bit game, But it would be rather good if you made the graphics 8-bit for the music or just have the 16-bit music for what you got for the graphics right now. But otherwise it isn't too bad. i suppose you were adding a unique idea. But still not very fitting.
2 / 10
This game is really not worth to reply due to these flaws and problems. But I can see it being great if problems weren't so buggy. But it will be worth the reply if this game fixed many of it's problems
Final Words
5 / 10
Super Mario Gaiden is not too bad, and I think it can become a great game later if its problems get fixed. But for now, It needs a bit of work. Keep it up!

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