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Game Reviewed Power Star Frenzy - 60 Star Final Demo, by Random.NICK
Review Author Pufflehugs
Created Dec 12 2016, 10:50 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
When I first saw Power Star Frenzy, it caught my eye simply because of how beautiful it's thumbnail looked, so I decided to give it a try. I do not regret trying it.
Pros Beautiful graphics
Solid physics
Great music
Good controls
Amazing gameplay
Cons Options menu a little too cluttered
Somewhat long loading screens
10 / 10
The gameplay is easily the best part of this fangame, as it should be. The levels are amazing designed, the gameplay is fun and it combines almost all of the best elements ever featured in Mario platformers. Even the overworld map is fun, and when even the overworld map is fun, that's how you know you have an amazing game on your hands. Battle mode is also a really neat idea, but I have nobody to play it with so I can't really comment on it.
9 / 10
The graphics in this game are beautiful. Mario and Luigi use their Mario World All Stars sprites, but the sprites were edited to have a New Super Mario Bros feel, which is pulled off really well. Almost all of the enemies have amazing sprites. The only sprites I really have a problem with are Peach and Buzzy Beetle.
8 / 10
The music for this game is amazing. The soundtrack is apparently from "artists all over the internet", so I'm assuming that means Nick didn't make it himself, but that's never really something to bother me. I might even listen to some of this while I do other stuff, but I'm currently unsure about that.
9 / 10
I will gladly come back to this game when it's finished. I'm already coming back to the demo again and again, so needless to say I'm excited for the full game.
Final Words
10 / 10
Easily one of the best fangames I've ever played, with extremely interesting gameplay, and it's merely a demo! I highly suggest you play this.

GreenMasterGames Dec 15 2016, 2:09 AM
"Somewhat long loading screens"
Well, it depends of how much space it is taking
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