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Game Reviewed Super Mario: Hard Game, by mariofangames
Review Author Snessy the duck
Created Dec 14 2016, 5:31 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Imagine, if you will, a user simply known as "mariofangames". Now imagine if said user found out about the Hello SMB1 engine, and this guy was really desperate to get popular on MFGG, so he took the default level from the engine, quickly changed the graphics, and SPAMMED ENEMIES ALL OVER THE PLACE! Now, imagine if he submitted the disgrace he made to MFGG, and it SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY managed to get past quality control and get on the mainsite. Well, that's exactly what happened, and we all know how that turned out, didn't we?
Pros *At least he changed the Graphics and added 2 new enemies...
Cons *...But those 2 enemies require almost no coding skill whatsoever.
*Level design made by a 3-year old in Super Mario Maker.
*Horrendous engine that should stay forgotten.
*Made with literally NO EFFORT AT ALL!
*It's not even hard at all!!
1 / 10
The game uses Hello's godawful SMB1 engine, which plays like absolute horse poop mixed with the worst physics EVER. Then, we have the level design, and ooh boy, are we in for a ride. First off, it's just an edit of the engine's default level, which in itself is a recreation of SMB1 1-1, one of the most famous and copied levels in video game history. Not to mention, it's an extremely bad edit at that. All he did was put enemies EVERYWHERE, not even kidding. Oh, and he also put a few random blocks here and there. But the enemy spam is so bad, it sometimes causes the enemies to glitch out and get stuck on every surface imaginable. And yes, I know he put in the giant land enemies, but those are just resized versions of enemies already in the engine, so they require almost no effort putting in! And it's not even being close to hard, since you're given a fire flower at the beginning of the stage, which makes the level incredibly easy.

Oh, and did I mention that THERE'S ONLY ONE LEVEL!! Once you beat the level, it simply takes you back to the beginning of the level, with no changes whatsoever! He didn't even bother to put in a single congratulations message, so you pretty much wasted your time playing this.

And I wasted my time writing this whole wall of text, so let's just go to the graphics, shall we?
2 / 10
Overused SMB3 graphics mixed with Black Squirrel's tileset. Not really much to say, but at least he changed the graphics from the default engine's overused graphics, so there was atleast SOME effort made! But since the graphics are so overused, the change doesn't really matter in the first place! Still, at least there was SOME, and I only say SOME, effort in changing the graphics, so I'll give you a 2 for this.

Alright, so that's over with, NEXT SECTION!
1 / 10
The SMAS SMB1 theme, mixed with SMAS sound effects, all of which were already included with the engine.

No effort made, NEXT!
1 / 10

Why would I ever, EVER play this hot pile of laziness ever again?! I would much rather play SMB: Super Quest, since at least that game had at least SOME effort put into it, because of the original engine it used, while this is just a 5-second edit of an already bad engine! Also, considering it's just one level, what's even the point?
Final Words
1 / 10
If I could give this a negative score, I really would, because this game is one of the most horrid pieces of garbage I've ever had the absolute displeasure to try out for free.


Also, it's not even hard at all.

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