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Game Reviewed Super Mario Land Transformed, by Tech Wing
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Dec 14 2016, 9:54 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Land Transformed is one of the latest (at least when this review is made, that is) games to be released by Tech Wing here in the MFGG main site, and the winning entry of one of MFGG's Minigame Competitions. Tech Wing games have known for being rather unique, and I can say that this one is no exception. It is basically a Shoot 'em Up game that has enemies and environments from the classic, Super Mario Land, along with transformations for Mario's vehicle. With all of that in mind, I can't say that there is many fangames that are similar to this one, which is why I said that it's no exception to the fact that Tech Wing games are rather unique.

However though, is the concept well executed? Is it any good? Well, let's find out!
Pros +Mostly-entertaining gameplay
+Switching into different vehicles gives different ways of playing the game
+Nice graphics
+Good soundtrack
Cons -Some parts are difficult with the tank
-An odd graphical glitch
-Only one level
-No story
8 / 10
The gameplay in this game involves Mario, who is flying on his Sky Pop, shooting down enemies and obstacles on his way for, well, some reason. There isn't a story included, so I can't really say what is Mario doing these stuff for. Maybe he's trying to rescue Princess Daisy again? Whatever it is, I suppose it doesn't really matter considering that this game isn't really story-driven, even though it would nice to give players an actual reason to help Mario out.

The game plays like the Shoot 'em Up levels from Super Mario Land, and it's quite fun for the most of the time (you'll find out what harms a bit of the fun later). However though, Super Mario Land Transformed isn't just about that. Nu-uh. What's new in this game are vehicles that are placed in certain spots, ones that are probably either abandoned or left by some people (although Mario would be like a criminal if it happens to be the latter). Whenever Mario comes near them, he'll get out of his current vehicle and use the nearby vehicle.

There are three different vehicles in the whole game. The Sky Pop is, of course, one of them. Mario can go anywhere in the air with it, although he can't go the water with the Sky Pop, or it'll explode, for some unexplained reason. The Marine Pop is another one of these vehicles, which functions like the Sky Pop, except that it can only work in the water. The third vehicle, which appears to be original, is a tank. Using one of these will make the game play like a platformer, as it's affected by gravity and can jump. The tank can also be able to shoot diagonally in addition to shooting just straight ahead, and can function in both the ground and underwater. They are all fun to play with, although the slow speed of the tank can make certain parts difficult with it (such as when it comes to avoiding the fireballs from the Gaos). I guess the tank wasn't designed for what Mario had in mind, eh?

The level ends with a boss, who is none other than Bows-err, wait, I mean King Totomesu! He basically breathes fire out of his mouth, just like in Super Mario Land. Though, for a king he seems rather pathetic. I just shot bullets at him like crazy, and with only a couple fireballs shot for him, he lost the fight. I personally had way more trouble with the Gaos than their king. Perhaps giving the king a bit more health would make it seem more like a ferocious king?

Before I stop with this section, there is one more thing I would like to add. In a bonus area that could be only reached by the tank (as it doesn't follow the rule of not going beyond the top of the screen), and I was able to get further than where the coins up high. There was nothing but a wall that was far away. Since you couldn't get out unless you move to the hole in the bonus area (which, you should go to after you got to the bonus area) soon, you can do nothing but get squished between the left side of the scrolling screen and the wall (no, I don't know how does that work). I would put a wall before the spot the player shouldn't be going to, if I were to be making this game.
9 / 10
There are Game Boy graphics in this game, which look pretty good. At least some bits appear to be custom, which is always appreciated to me, since it makes the game stand out a bit from other games. The sprites seem readable and well-animated.

As Game Boy sprites could only use three colors (plus transparent), the sprites in this game do the same thing too, although the transparent spots use the white in the background in order to make them look like they have a fourth color. It's pretty neat, I say. There is a problem with this technique, however. Not all spots of the background are white, and if the sprites with transparent spots inside them get in front of the non-white areas, they'll look a bit weird. It's only a minor problem, but I just want to point that out.

Also, there is one graphical glitch I found in the game. When you shoot a Gao, there is a chance that instead of using its defeated sprite, it'll just open its mouth forever, as if it was silently screaming or something like that.
8 / 10
To go with the Game Boy graphics, Super Mario Land Transformed uses Game Boy-style music. The music sounds nice, even though the theme that plays during ingame could get a bit repetitive for some players, especially if they don't switch between vehicles (which changes the music a bit). I think it would be neat if the music changes once you get to a certain point in the game. Perhaps having the opening of King Totomesu's lair for when the music changes would work? Wherever it would be at, I think it would be nice to have the music change in order to make it feel less repetitive.

The sound effects also sound good to me. Nothing sounds really out of place. I can only find one action that doesn't have a sound effect, even though I think it should. That action is when a Gao breathes fire. It seems weird to have it make no sound when a Gao does that.
5 / 10
With three different vehicles that can be switched, if you decide to do so, that is, there are many different ways you can play the game. There is only one level, though, one that is a bit short. It can make the game good for if you want to play something for a little bit, but I still wished that there would be more levels. Maybe someday Tech Wing will come back to this game and add in some levels. It could certainly increase the replay value, since if vehicles were put into them, it would allow more ways to play the game.

For anything else related to replay value, I could say that there are high scores in this game. You can always try to beat your own score in the game. There doesn't seem to be any secrets, and it doesn't look like it would be any good for speedrunning.
Final Words
8 / 10
If you're feeling bored and don't know what to play, Super Mario Land Transformed can transform you from being bored to having fun.

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