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Game Reviewed Power Star Frenzy - 60 Star Final Demo, by Random.NICK
Review Author Poudink
Created Dec 18 2016, 3:16 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Power Star Frenzy is a game in developpement by Random.Nick. Before trying it, I already knew the game was highly anticipated by many MFGGers. Now, let's see what this game has to offer.
Pros *Really good level design
*Very original ideas
*Managed to keep me playing more than 10 minutes without me being bored, which actually happens really rarelly.
Cons *Some glitches here and there
8 / 10
Since this is based on drag's engine, I'm just going to talk about the new stuff: the groundpounds worked well, but the walljumps just... didn't felt right.
9 / 10
Most of the graphics were excellent, everything was so colourful, and the use of edited/SMW-styled graphics didn't keep it from feeling new, the only "bad" graphic is the world map ? block.
7 / 10
The soundtrack had really cool remixes, but Nick made none of them.
10 / 10
This game has quite a lot of replay value: first, the large amount of things to collect in the levels makes it hard for people like to stop before they collected everything. Second, the level desing is so good that you'll come back Power Star Frenzy
Final Words
8 / 10
I'm sorry I have to raise the score down, but with a bit of work, this could easily get a 10/10.

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