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Game Reviewed Power Star Frenzy - 60 Star Final Demo, by Random.NICK
Review Author rchammer97
Created Dec 18 2016, 8:54 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I've heard time and time again how tired people are of playing the same old Mario over and over and over again. It's not an uncommon problem. Mario games, even fanmade, have a tendency to be very similar in gameplay, storyline, and difficulty. Mario vs Bowser, save the princess, jump on the things, hit the bricks, yadda yadda yadda same old story.

But what happens when you take these old ideas, concepts, characters and world designs that are staples of the Mario franchise, combine them, and breathe new life into them?

You make me log in to MFGG for the first time in over a year to talk about your game, that's what you do.
Pros +Smooth controls, challenging gameplay.
+Interesting level design.
+Music tracks are pure ear-candy.
+A new spin on old and tired concepts.
+Fantastic "modern-retro" art style.
Cons -Throwing mechanic is flawed, and may well be underused if not tweaked.
-I'll get back to you on that.
9 / 10
The 2-D platforming of Super Mario Bros. mixed with the exploration of the 3-D Super Mario games. It's been done before, sure. But execution and details mean everything. And hoo boy does PSF have detail.

You travel the overworld map freely, going anywhere you possibly can to discover secrets and bonus power-ups all over the place, and this is before you even enter a level! Inside each little dot on the map, you find an expansive micro-world packed with things to defeat, explore, and discover. As usual, the goal is to collect Power Stars hidden away in the levels, as well as any other nifty goodies you can get your mitts on. Collecting Power Stars opens the door to new levels to conquer, and new areas to explore.

Controlling Mario and Luigi works as you'd expect: You got your running, your jumping, Ground-Pounding, picking things up, throwing things, using power-ups, Mario's Wall-Jump and tighter control, Luigi's Super Jump and slippery controls, standard stuff. But I think sometimes we take for granted how screwed up the physics of a Mario fangame can be, and PSF executes your control of each character precisely and fairly.

Aside from searching levels for Stars and Star Coins, there's a Shop where you can spend your Coins, Mini-Games to play, and peaceful areas like Toad Town and Pianta Isles when you want a break from all the action. Plus, 2-Player Battle Mode! This game really has a lot to offer, and if you could believe, this is still a DEMO.

If I had a single gripe about the gameplay of PSF, it'd be the throwing physics. You know, when you pick up a turnip or Shy Guy and toss it? It's awful. No matter how I try, I can never get anything to hit anything because the Bros. simply don't throw items far enough, even when running or jumping. It's not a huge issue, but considering there are things to throw all over the place, it's still worth looking into.
10 / 10
The decision to take a step beyond the usual SMW/SMB3 aesthetic and give the standard Mario fangame look a new coat of paint was a brilliant one. The worlds and characters are bright and vibrant and full of life, on par with the modern official release.

Some might say that the level design is a bit... "loud". Personally, I disagree. I think there's just enough detail in each level to make them unique and a joy to look at as I run and jump through them. Never found anything particularly distracting.

It's new and fresh while still maintaining that familiar SNES charm.
10 / 10
Sound effects include a mixture of SNES/modern sounds from all kinds of games under Mario's belt. All are immensely satisfying.

Don't get me started on the MUSIC choices! Remixes and covers of classic tunes and obscure themes that only the most dedicated Mario fans would recognize, it never gets old.

We need games with more diversity in sound design like this. It can't all be SNES sounds on SNES music ALL the time.
10 / 10
There's so much to see and do and experiment with and discover that I can see PSF's full release being a game to come back to again and again.

Damn you, collectibles. My one weakness.
Final Words
9 / 10
This project has too much potential for words. A beautiful and refreshing twist on the classic Mario formula.

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