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Game Reviewed A Boo's Treat Christmas Special, by Pedigree
Review Author Rocky2
Created Dec 25 2016, 11:37 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is a remake of the first two Boo's Treat games with an additional Christmas flair and more options and gameplay adjustments.
Pros Good Boo and tree sprites
Interesting multipliers
Fun to sneak around
Screen wrap
Saves high scores
Cons Slightly confused sprite perspective
The light could be more shaded
The game can get boring after a while
Too much health?
6 / 10
In this game, you play a Boo who has to collect falling Christmas treats and Boo bars to get points, multipliers, and health. You also have to stay still while the light is over you so you don't lose hearts. It's fun to sneak around like Robbie Rotten and stay still while the light is over you. The multipliers also add an element of skill because you lose them when you get hit. Unfortunately, while the game does get harder when you have multipliers, it doesn't ever really get too hard to lose unless you lose on purpose when you get bored. The game does give you options to make the experience a little harder without a light warning.
7 / 10
The graphics look great, with SMW tiles and background, and a custom Boo, treats, and tree. I would suggest adding more gradients to the light to have more shading, and to make the blocks isometric like the tree is so it doesn't look like the tree is falling over.
10 / 10
The music sounds appropriately like Christmas. It also sounds spooky like in a haunted house, so it's great in my book.
5 / 10
The replay value is a little low because there's not much settings to make the game different after you play it once. While I appreciate the high scores, the game does get a little boring.
Final Words
7 / 10
This game is made with high quality, but it can get a little repetitive.

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