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Game Reviewed Super Mario Melatonin 3, by Tech Wing
Review Author Rocky2
Created Dec 25 2016, 11:52 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Warning: This review has spoilers!

I have to admit that I haven't played the two previous games. This game was fun to play, even though the replay elements are a little lacking and I'm disappointed that there wasn't a fourth one.
Pros Good use of SMW Redrawn sprites
Great Wolf Mario sprite
Well-implemented wavy and rotating tower effects
Fun to replay
Funny story
Good tower speed mechanics
Cons Lackluster boss fight
Unnecessary cliffhanger
Reward for finding all coins is... eh...
Weird platforming in first level
9 / 10
This game is a "micro-game" that, while short, delivers a full experience, just like Paper Bowser World etc. The first level is a spookily empty normal Mario level, while the second has Mario, as a wolf, sniff to make invisible blocks appear so he knows where to jump. Finally, the third is a rotating tower where Wolf Mario has to jump up while it rotates. There's a boss fight, but it's a joke. For the first level, it was fun enough and funny with the weird block effects, but Mario landing after each jump was weird because it sort of throws off how Mario usually acts. The second level was fun and makes good use of patience. The chase sequence had good tension. The third level was a little nauseating, but it was fun to go up the auto-moving tower and try to keep up. The fact that you could fall and try again helped, as well as how it sped up if you were doing well so you didn't get bored. The boss fight, while funny and looking exciting with running on the castle, could have used more gameplay, such as having to jump at the boss and actually avoid his attacks.
10 / 10
The graphics look great. Icegoom's SMW Redrawn graphics have been put to good use with Mario, Peach, Luigi, and the enemies. The Wolf Mario walked like a real wolf would. The Paper Mario TTYD styled boss was also cool-looking. Finally, the tilesets were cool and looked appropriate for each setting.
10 / 10
Even though the music is in the format of MIDI, it sounds great and is appropriate for each part of the game. The boss' words are also hilarious.
7 / 10
Unfortunately, I have to be a little more negative in this part of the review. While the game asks you to get all the coins for a reward, the reward is a level select screen. This sounds good, but I already beat the game twice to get it, and the game is short anyways. This probably would have more effect in a longer game like a Paper Bowser World game. I was also disappointed that the coins didn't make the cliffhanger ending any more resolved, because that's what I thought it would lead to - a boss fight with Morton. However, this game being short is a good thing, because it is easy to replay.
Final Words
9 / 10
Even though we may never see what happens next in SMM, this game is a great thing to never follow up on.

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