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Dustin Been Slippin'
Aug 17 2018, 8:32 PM

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Hey guys, just noticed there's been a bit of a gap between the updates. Apologies for that, it's completely slipped my mind lately.

Competitions have, admittedly, been a bit slow lately, so there's not much to report on that front. However, if you're interested in maybe getting one going again, let us know on the forums!

In the gap between updates, we got a Smash-centric Nintendo Direct, revealing characters such as Simon and Richter Belmont, Dark Samus and King K. Rool*. I'm personally very excited about that!

Anyway, here's your content, guys.

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*oh and also chrom i guess
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Aug 27 2018, 3:29 AM
It seems that there hasn't been much content between this update and the last one, although I suppose that isn't really a bad thing if it's only once in quite a while. We seem to be getting quite some content since this update, which is nice to see!
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