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Game Reviewed Super Mario Epic, by Jeff Silvers
Review Author marioluigi123
Created Jan 21 2012, 1:48 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Epic... more like Super Mario Fail. This is THE worst mario fan game I've ever played! It feels like I need to question why they accepted... "this"...
Pros +classic mario world graphics
+(kinda) good sound
+nice level design
Cons -weird movement
-Mario can't jump on enemies
-fireballs sometimes dont work
-easy to die with the cheap lifebar
2 / 10
The worst part of this game. Movement seems unrealistic. Jump is also odd to looks at, you can sometimes fall off locks and have troble geting on pipes. And to top it all off-YOU CAN'T KILL ENEMIES! What was jeff thinking when he made this? When I first played this, I thought that I needed to jump on them in a certain spot, but no, you can't jump on any enemy! And the fireballs, well, it doesn't change your outfit, sometimes it doesn't even come out, you need to move right for it to happen correctly! It's also easy to die with the cheap life bar. I cant even beat level 2. It's that bad.
9 / 10
Ah, Super Mario World... memories... the gameplay is terrible but graphics aren't that bad, it DOES have overused sprites in almost every mario fan game, but still, graphics are great.
8 / 10
Sound is... kinda good, music matches with the levels. Though I dont like how mario says "dough!" every time he gets hurt.
2 / 10
Replay? I don't see why...

If you want to go on a terrible rampage on your parents. But really, you can't really SAVE in this game. So if you die, take a rest, restart the game... well... have fun back at 1-1!
Final Words
2 / 10
Super Mario Epic is an "Epic" fail on so many levels.

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