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Game Reviewed Wario Land: Legends of 6 Crystals (Demo 1), by Radel999
Review Author MarioSonicCouncil
Created Feb 5 2012, 4:47 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
When I decided to review this game I wondered, how could Wario and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic mix? Well, it turns out that I have found the answer with Wario Land: Legends of 6 Crystals. Overall, this game has potential and should be finished. However, there are some asthetic flaws that should be fixed for the next release.
Pros - Good, original music.
- Decent Wario Land Physics.
- Neat Powerup System.
- Bizzarre Story.
- It's a Mario Fangame featuring Wario!
Cons - Sprite clashing, and graphics in general.
- No tutorial stage.
- No treasure hunting.
- Feels more like Mario Land than Wario Land.
6 / 10
The controls are simple. Move Wario using the arrow keys, jump using shift, dashing using control, and groundpounding using shift and the down arrow key. I noticed an absence of a crouch option, which is used in most Wario Land games.

Gameplay is simple. Move Wario to the goal post to end the stage. I was hoping this would be like a Wario Land 2 type of game where you find certain treasures while wandering around a stage. Gameplay feels more like a Mario game, and I think this is a wasted opportunity. I was bothered by the lack of checkpoints during stages. I also felt that the boss had too little variety and too much HP to make it interesting.

It is customary with Wario Land games, starting with Wario Land 4, to have a tutorial stage. I wish there was a tutorial stage so you can learn to master your abilities and powerups because at first, I found them to be a bit odd. I learned them with time, but this bugged me a bit. Maybe the next demo will have this.
4 / 10
The graphics are, in my opinion, a jumbled mess of styles. In other words, sprite clashing is a huge issue. Sprites look 8-bit, or 16-bit, and I don't think any of them go well together. As for art, I don't understand where it is going. In simple terms, I don't think the game looks very polished. However, this game is a demo and I hope the graphics will improve.
8 / 10
I like the soundtrack in the game. Music is presented in an 8-bit format which is awesome, in my opinion. The only sound effects that are out of place is the Wario noises. Other than that, I can't wait to hear more of the soundtrack. (A soundtest menu would be nice.)
1 / 10
Since this game is in the demo stages, there isn't very much replay value, unless you want to show your friends the My Little Pony sprites.
Final Words
6 / 10
Overall, Wario Land: Legends of 6 Crystals has some potential, but some minor annoyances distract me from the overall experience. Hopefully the next release will fix them.

Double Agent Luigifan Feb 8 2012, 3:46 PM
@This review
- It's a Mario Fangame featuring Wario!
Does that make the game better?
That's not a good reason to say it's good.
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