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Game Reviewed Wario Land: Legends of 6 Crystals (Demo 1), by Radel999
Review Author WwwWario
Created Feb 15 2012, 8:18 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
With retro sounds and retro sprites, it feels like a Gameboy game, so good there.
Pros -Feels like a Gameboy game
-Good with Wario Land 2/3 Wario with original colour
-Good controls
Cons -The text on the intro moves too slow
-Ponies doesn't really fit a Wario game...
-Make more variable enemies
5 / 10
Ok, good controlls and stuff. Nothing more to say, actually.
5 / 10
The graphics aren't the best, but since it's a retro-type game, with retro sounds, it's ok. Try to make it a little better.
6 / 10
Make a little more sound effects. Otherwise, good choise of sounds.
3 / 10
Eh, not my first choice. As i've said to other games, try to make a more variable level, not straight forward, but more than one road which goes up, down, etc.
Final Words
5 / 10
With Gameboy sounds, music and sprite, this feels like a Gameboy game. Could use some improvements, though. And please, please make something else than ponies as enemies...

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