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Game Reviewed Luigi's Mansion 2D Demo V1.1 (Updated), by Zdude684, Ken Martin, SonicProject, MarioSonicCouncil, TravixMan
Review Author zakariasan
Created Feb 17 2012, 5:15 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This was the best top ten games ever in my book. I love how you thought and put alot of effort into it.
Pros I love how u made it exzactly like luigis mansion.
Cons There was a glitch outside when you exit the mansion. When i sucked up the blue ghost, it didnt die, I sucked it up but all it did was spin/flipped around and attack me. Once that ghost attacked me, it disapeared and did it all over again.
10 / 10
10/10!!! This is a awesome game and i hope this project will be completed :D
10 / 10
10/10 again!!! The graphics was exzacty like luigis mansion. It was like luigis mansion all over again, but this time even better. Great job making the graphics Ken Martin.
6 / 10
Not much of luigi sounds really. The warp pipe sound was a little bit faded.
But other than that it was good.
10 / 10
When i played this game again, it was like i was playing i for the first time :D.
Final Words
10 / 10
Well, i have to give this game a 10/10. You really have putted alot of effort into this and everyone is really proud of you two. I hope that this game will be finished soon ^^.

Shadow Kami Mar 5 2012, 9:47 PM
That glitch has been fixed.
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