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Game Reviewed New Super Mario Bros ( KimaxGames ), by KimaxGames
Review Author Supernova
Created Feb 23 2012, 5:27 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Kimax's NSMB game is a simple and pretty fit to the original NSMB DS. Though the game itself is glitchy and some bad interaface. It's pretty nice for a demo.
Pros +Fitting graphics
+Giant Mario system
+Polished in certain sections of the game
+Good intro screen
Cons -Glitchy
-Some bad graphics like Small Mario and dying mario
-Small audio problem over MIDI music
7 / 10
Many users on MFGG tries to make a NSMB games but they failed big time. But this one looks pretty well made and so far the top 5 I seen around here.

The engine was pretty simple and straight forward. I really like how the author made the giant Mario system. However, the engine itself is glitchy. Mario might get stuck to a block or fall into a block wide gap while running. Other than that, it's pretty smoothly made.

Last, I really like the intro screen. It's polished and fun. Though the bad thing is that you can't skip it.
8 / 10
Graphics looks nice and fitting. Not lot of clashing and they're all from NSMB. I like how the author arrange the HUD. For Mario's animations, it's very polished and smoothly arranged.

Small Mario sprite is poorly made that the author resized big Mario sprite flatter. And dead Mario sprite seems clashing to the rest of the graphics. Other than these problems listed above, the graphic is pretty nice overall.
6 / 10
MIDI music is the bad choice for fangames, and most of the music are pretty overused. Giant Mario music is unfitting to the rest of the game.

For sound, most of them are well used. Except some of them like when powerup come out of ? block, the SNES swimming sound seems unfitting to it. There's no sound when you squish the Goomba.
4 / 10
Since it's a demo. It's pretty nice how you put well on the first level and it's pretty fun with the giant Mario. But one and half levels is too short.
Final Words
7 / 10
Another nicely made NSMB game. Some sections are polished as well. I'm looking forward for further progress.

KimaxGames Feb 24 2012, 8:42 AM
Thanks ''Supernova'' for ur reviews & for play my game too ^^!
Supernova Feb 25 2012, 4:53 AM
Quote (KimaxGames on Feb 24 2012, 1:42 AM)
Thanks ''Supernova'' for ur reviews & for play my game too ^^!

No problem. ;)
Supernova Feb 25 2012, 4:53 AM
Oops, double post. Blame my bad internet again. <Delete this post>
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