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Game Reviewed Chamber of Boos, by littlelum
Review Author Mors
Created Jan 29 2020, 9:32 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Please don't ask me why I'm reviewing such an old and forgotten fangame I also don't know the answer myself.
Pros + Uh, it gets harder?
Cons - Uh...
1 / 10
You move Luigi's decapitated head with your mouse and try to dodge the Boos that are bouncing around. The Boos start slow but after like a minute they start to move faster and the game actually becomes difficult.

There are multiple modes where the only difference is the number of Boos there are. There's also a special Blue Boo mode that has a... you guessed it, a Blue Boo that follows your mouse, forcing you to move around constantly.

You gain score just by surviving, but there's no way to see your final score, and there are no leaderboards, so there's pretty much no real incentive to keep playing this game. In addition, all the modes except the 4 Boo mode and the blue Boo mode are piss easy, and the game, in general, is too simplistic to be any real fun in my opinion.
1 / 10
The Luigi head sprite is nice, and the Boo sprites look ok.

That's it. There's like, nothing else. Like even the background is black.
3 / 10
The music is from Luigi's Mansion. There are no sound effects.

Yeah, there isn't much to say here, I guess the music fits?
Final Words
1 / 10
Not exactly the worst game on this site, and definitely not that bad as a first game, but uh... Yeah...

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