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Game Reviewed Mario and Yoshi, by Toni
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Feb 6 2020, 4:10 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I'm sure many of you know Tetris Attack, as well as Yoshi's Cookie, but what about Yoshi? And no, I don't mean the dinosaur himself, but the puzzle game that came out on the NES and GB in the early 90s. It was actually made by Game Freak, the company that would later create the now-extremely-popular pocket monsters!

MFGG doesn't see many tributes to the game, but they exist. One particular tribute is a recreation by Toni, named Mario and Yoshi (it's actually Mario & Yoshi, but oh well)! It's made with Klik & Play, one of the oldest tools fangamers have been using, and let me tell you: I've never seen any other KNP game as well-made as this one!
Pros +Well-made, especially considering KNP's limits
+Recreates the Yoshi experience nicely
+Excellent, custom graphics
+Good sound picks
Cons -Just the basic gameplay
-Minor bugs
8 / 10
For those unfamiliar with how the game works, you control Mario, who can swap two of four plates that catch enemies and egg halves. Stacking two enemies of the same type awards points, but the real fun comes from trying to get as much enemies as possible between two egg halves, one upper and one lower. The more enemies, the more points you're given, and boy, you get a LOT! Toni recreated the gameplay very well, and it's super fun!

I do wish Toni didn't stick with the bare minimum for content, though. The original versions have extra stuff like a VS. mode, options to change the music and difficulty, and even high scores, none of which made the transition to KNP! I suppose some of that stuff wouldn't be possible anyway, given the program's limitations, but I don't see what's keeping Toni from making his own additions! It could be something as simple as a mode where, instead of four plates, you have six or eight of them, and I'm not counting the bugs!

Yes, like any other KNP game, this version includes bugs! Enemies may do weird stuff like turning invisible, getting stuck inside other stuff, or floating in midair. Those are all minor and rare, but one bug will literally end your game! After several minutes, you're guaranteed to get smacked by an error message from out of nowhere! So much for spending the night...
9 / 10
Toni coated his edition of the puzzle game with his very own custom graphics, and they're simply well-drawn! I mean, c'mon, it's Toni! He has to be one of the best spriters MFGG has ever seen, even in its early days! What else could you ask for? I especially love how the enemies and Yoshi look. Speaking of Yoshi, though, he oddly lacks shading. I'm also not a fan of the background color used, so it's not all perfect!
8 / 10
I'm not sure if any of the music used are from the Yoshi game. Either way, we have, for once, an old minigame where the in-game MIDI fits (though, a longer, less repetitive loop would've been preferable), while the title screen one doesn't! Sound effects are pretty decent, and aren't just the same old Mario samples that got used so much back in the day!
Final Words
8 / 10
Were this to be an egg, it would have a Yoshi with wings, but no star.

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