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Mario Platform Engine (Static/Custom) By: Jess Bowers, Phizzy
This is a great Mario platform engine created by Matthew Dave 'Phizzy' Phizacklea.

It includes all of the following:
- Jumping
- Moving Platforms (horizontal & vertical)
- Jump-through Platforms
- Jumping on Enemies heads
- Coin boxes
- Springs
- Diagonal pipes

Included are:
- A .GAM file is included for TGF1 and MMF 1.5 (which uses the Fastloop extension).
- An .MFA file is included for TGF2 and MMF2 (which uses the builtin Fastloop so no extensions are needed).
- An .EXE file for those who don't have any of these programs.
- Readme file
Target Applications: TGF MMF TGF2 MMF2

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fawfulfan Mar 14 2009, 8:18 PM
Finally, a new MMF/MMF2/TGF how-to!
Matthew Coburn Mar 20 2009, 6:58 AM
This could put my MMF2 Engine to shame... Or maybe not...

EDIT: A good start. I like it, but Goomba AI could be improved (walking until object found, etc).
Jess Bowers Mar 20 2009, 2:02 PM
Quote (Matthew Coburn on Mar 20 2009, 6:58 AM)
A good start. I like it, but Goomba AI could be improved (walking until object found, etc).

Hey Matthew,

I agree with you about the Goomba AI - it is rather basic. I think Phizzy created this engine simply as a demonstration of platform movement (specifically how to use fastloops for moving platforms and slopes). To that end, it is about the best engine I've seen for the moving platforms. But, it does fall short on the enemy AI and other features.

Have you had a chance to download Soniro's engine how-to? The MMF2 version is entitled "Mario Game Engine (Static/Custom)". That engine does not focus on platforms or slopes (like this one), but it does an extremely good job on the gameplay Mario features (powerups, pipes, and enemy AI). His support for Koopa shells is actually really good. Check that engine out, too.
Matthew Coburn Mar 27 2009, 10:12 AM
I've been studying this engine, and it beats my Rosalina engine that have been building around the Platform Movement extension.

Yeah, this is good. Going to use it for sure.

I may improve running - so you 'build' up speed before mario sticks his arms out.
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