Plumber's Parasitic Plant Problem!
By: Yakibomb
This is a hack of SUPER MARIO RPG: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS for the Super Nintendo (SNES for short). Please use the US release when patching the game.

STORY: There is a land where Toads and piranha plants live side by side peacefully. This island is called "Peaceful Piranha Plant Paradise", and this is where our story takes place...

The legendary plumber, the royal princess and the great and awesome Toad go on vacation to this island, but the blissful adventure turns to a one of duty and obligation as heroes. The once docile piranha plants of the island are suddenly becoming malicious, and are populating in unexpected places. Mario and others must get the assistance of local plumber experts, as well as a local botanist, to find the source of the piranha plant uproar and to bring the once peaceful paradise back to a hip vacation spot. Who or what could be behind the sudden outburst of the island's piranha plant population?

!!-This hack is a DEMO and the game is SCRAPPED, meaning it will no longer be developed-!!

The hack plays up until the first boss, after which the player is told they cannot proceed further.

Version 1.3 fixes some bugs, adds a new title screen and a new look to Princess Peach (or Toadstool in this game).

I hope you enjoy this Super Mario RPG hack!
Completion: Scrapped Hack Type:
Base ROM: Super Mario RPG Region: North America (NTSC)

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Oct 9 2018, 5:16 PM
Nice to see Mario doin' some real plumbing for once!
Really liking the story so far, the world is really charming. I'll definitely post a review once I finish it.
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