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[DL] Nintendo Badge Arcade: SMB Sprites - SMAS Version By: Rage_quitter_98, gamermakerguy
Credits to gamermakerguy for the 8-Bit Base.

Also have a nice Christmas and a happy new year! :)
Downloads: 3772
Added: 12/18/15
[DL] Mario Kills Tanooki - Custom Tileset By: Rage_quitter_98, Peta
Just made the Tileset useable and extented it. , credit to Peta , Idea i got from Jaden1291 after he replied that someone should extend the Tileset. :) Enjoy!
EDIT : IF you want to post the graphics on SMBX Forums etc. please put the original link ...
Downloads: 3232
Added: 06/09/14
[DL] Custom Forest Tileset By: Rage_quitter_98
I Love Forests , They,re so relaxing :) , Enjoy!
Downloads: 3003
Added: 05/07/14
[DL] SMB Grassy Underwater Tileset By: Rage_quitter_98
A nice mix of 2 Tilesets while i played around with mixing certain tilesets , please note ill probably expand the Tileset in SMBUT 2.
Downloads: 3543
Added: 05/03/14
[DL] NSMB Ultimate Tileset By: Rage_quitter_98
Features alot of Custom Tiles for NSMB from the DS , credits to Jouw/Treeki for ripping the Tiles , even when those were badly Tiled haha.
Downloads: 6279
Added: 04/25/14
[DL] SM Wacky Worlds - Trojan Horse Tileset By: Rage_quitter_98
Because all ripped (badly screenshotted) tilesets had JPEG quality, I decided to make this tileset from scratch using Paint. :) Enjoy!
Downloads: 2917
Added: 04/16/14
[DL] SMB3 Tanks and Mario Forever Tanks By: Rage_quitter_98
Tanks from Super Mario Bros 3 , also included are All tank Tiles from Mario Forever including the Ball Thrower and the Flamethrower , inclusive the Grey Bowser Picture and some stuff being dark for usage in backgrounds (incase you build inside-a-tank ...
Downloads: 6007
Added: 04/05/14
[DL] SMB Forest Background By: Rage_quitter_98
Inspired from the Forest in SMW/SMA:2 but in SMB Style to go with my SMB Tileset. Enjoy.
Downloads: 3520
Added: 10/10/12
[DL] SMB Ultimate Tileset 2012 By: Rage_quitter_98, Shikaternia
This is the Biggest Super Mario Bros (snes) Tileset you ever saw, please give credit to Shikaternia and me.
Enjoy, This took 5 days!
Downloads: 9222
Added: 09/06/12
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