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Apr 10 2020, 5:40 PM

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Here I come with a bunch of new updates on the paw!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Flashback - April Fools 2020 Joke Demo
[Platform] By Mors
This is a demo of Super Mario Flashback featuring procedurally generated levels. Released during April ...
Thumbnail Super Mario World Ultimate
[Action] By mack
After heavily criticized for being one of the worst fangames that lied to fellow mfggers who expected
Thumbnail Maridows 64
[Other] By DrZuplow
Is it a game? Is it an operating system?

I'm not sure, but what I can tell you is that ...
Custom Goomba Sprites 2020 Edition By LeonelGamer10
Chinese POW Block Sprites By KingGeoshiKoopshi64
SMB3 Mario in Underwear By SuperSledgeBro
SMM Bully By BullyWithAHat
Revamp Series - 24x24 Edition pt. 2 By xXEmmanXx
Custom Badges based on Paper Mario TTYD By JardsonJean
Custom Hammer Badges Based on Paper Mario: TTYD By JardsonJean
Kester's Grass Tileset 1# By KesterTank
SMM Series - Icy Spike Ball - Custom By mariofan230
30th Anniversary Super Mario Maker Amiibo By CaptainGame17
Farmyard By Evan.F
SMM Series - 3UP Moon - Custom By mariofan230
Saltflat theme By Evan.F
Dr. Mario (Virus) - Dr. Mario By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
Virus (1989-1990) - Dr. Mario Expanded Sprites By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
Custom Boot Badges Based on Paper Mario: TTYD By JardsonJean
Custom Mushrooms and Power Ups based on Paper Mario By JardsonJean
Kester's Goomba GFX By KesterTank
Toad NSMBDS By Limorbak
Pac-Man Run Gameplay Sprite Sheets By Ryan Silberman
Pac-Man Run Level Select Animations By Ryan Silberman
Mari0 AE. Field of Koopers (boss level) By Evan.F

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