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PMTTYD - Peach (Partner) By: EvilYoshiToes
I decided to make some poses for Peach if she were a partner in TTYD. This includes overworld poses and battle poses and attacks. I still need to make hurt, dizzy, etc. poses. I put what each attack does at the bottom of the sheet, but you can make them ...
Downloads: 4081 Comments: 11 [NEW]  
Added: 12/20/12
SML - Bowser, Peach, and the Clown Car By: EvilYoshiToes
The final boss of SMW now in SML style. It includes Bowser, the clown car, Princess Peach, Fire ball, boulder, and Peach's "HELP!" sign (Thanks to Supertoad, I just changed the color). Also, thanks to NES Boy and Knuckles T15 for the original ...
Downloads: 2622 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 12/20/12
Un-fawfulized Peach's castle court-yard BIS By: D-man
Note it is not the entire garden just the front of the castle and also this sheet doesn't work well with the original but anyway enjoy :D
Downloads: 2524 Comments: 0  
Added: 12/19/12
SMA4 Nabbit By: LSF Games [W]
Nabbit challenges you in SMA4.
Downloads: 3016 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 12/17/12
Custom Cloud Tileset By: FireLink
This is a SMB3 styled tileset 100% handmade by me.
Downloads: 2048 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 12/17/12
NSMBU Ghost House Boxes By: reghrhre
Last one for awhile.

A kinda blehish version of said boxes, I think it's the colors that make me feel iffy about it. Hopefully it's the opposite for you though.

Anyways, give credit if used and hopefully you can find a use ...
Downloads: 2753 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 12/16/12
NSMBU Underground Tileset (SMB3 Styled) By: reghrhre
100% handmade tileset based from NSMBU. Since it's handmade I would like credit.

Otherwise, hope you can find a great use for this!
Downloads: 3707 Comments: 7 [NEW]  
Added: 12/16/12
Yoshi's Story Miscellaneous Sprites and Backgrounds By: VinnyVideo [E] [W]
A very incomplete rip from a game that's never gotten a lot of love on MFGG. I did most of this way back in January 2009, but I could probably be convinced to expand this if it would be useful to someone.
Downloads: 2681 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 12/14/12
Mario Party Advance Tileset and miscs By: zakariasan
Hello everyone. This tileset is for the people who want to create a world map or for people who want to use this for something else. I decided to rip this cause I haven't uploaded anything in such a long time and decided to rip and edit some MPA ...
Downloads: 2201 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 12/11/12
Custom WL3 Squasher By: Fire-Luigi
The Squashers are these Thwomp like ennemies, with a tong. This sheet is a custom of these monsters.
Downloads: 1975 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 12/08/12
Custom Ice Bears By: Fire-Luigi
A sheet of these blue bears, from Wario Land 3, custom styled.
Downloads: 1569 Comments: 0  
Added: 12/08/12
M&L: BIS Koopa Clown Car By: SuperBowserBros [E] [W]
I made the Koopa clown car from Super Mario World in the style of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Hope it's of use!
Downloads: 4184 Comments: 12 [NEW]  
Added: 12/08/12
SMB3 styled NSMBU stuff By: Darkchao
NSMBU Grassland tileset (sort of)
Nabbit and a christmas version of him
and a Goombrat,Keep checking it out for Updates!
Downloads: 3482 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 12/04/12
Custom Dorrie By: Fire Punch [E]
Dorrie in 2D!
Downloads: 2804 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 11/30/12
Super Mario Land - Yoshi By: EvilYoshiToes
Edited from the SMW yoshi by Da Shydude. So many thanks to him :) The sheet has stopped, running, jumping, falling, and eating. Try to give credit somewhere, but don't make a huge deal about it. This was not hard to make.
Thumbnail Credits: ...
Downloads: 2510 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 11/29/12
Goombella BIS overworld By: D-man
Finally finished! Yes, this is Goombella. With her are the action blocks/icons and a mini icon.
Downloads: 1458 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 11/26/12
NSMB Wii Power-Ups 1985 Style By: SMB Wiz
Hello everyone! I'm new here and this is my first upload. I hope you guys enjoy these edits that I've done. Special thanks to Superjustinbros and Zeon, Beam Luinsir Yosho at spriters-resource.com for the rips.
Downloads: 4595 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 11/25/12
Mario's House Custom By: BlueCube2
A 100% custom sheet of Mario's house.
If it is missing anything, I will update it. I will add scenery tiles to go with it (ground tiles, bushes etc.) Please tell me what you think of it. Thanks :)
Downloads: 2613 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 11/21/12
New Classic Mario By: i love pizza!
8-bit SMB w/ new sprites!
Downloads: 4657 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 11/20/12
Cap'n Coconuts's Quasi-Real Tileset By: Cap'n Coconuts [W]
A tileset that attempts to be more realistic than your typical Mario graphics. It currently includes bricks, stone, ? blocks, and two grass terrain types with optional flower tiles--some more terrain types may be added later. (Credit to Oldskoolmario ...
Downloads: 2779 Comments: 7 [NEW]  
Added: 11/20/12
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