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Important Security Update
Nov 21 2020, 9:47 PM

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A while ago we have discovered a security hole in our main site software. The hole is now patched, but it's possible that it might have been already used to access people's passwords, which is kind of an issue!

We don't know if this happened for sure, and the passwords were hashed, so it's not as bad as it sounds. But regardless, just to be safe, I went ahead and made it so that every user has to change their passwords to keep using the site. It might be a bit annoying to be forced to change your password, but I believe this is for the best.

As a precaution, I've also upped the security of the backend. Let's just say that if anything like this happens again in the future, the impact will be much much lower. I know this is a bit of an oversimplification but I don't wanna get too much into detail.

EDIT: More information came to light and we now believe that no database leak actually took place. We, however, will still force users to reset their passwords, as that is a required step of the security improvement we have made.
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Double Announcement!
Nov 10 2020, 7:53 PM

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The results for the MFGG Halloween Jam have been announced!

You can see them at the following page:

And now it's time for a important announcement, we're looking for some main site moderators who will be in charge of moderating the comments on the site, making sure that they adhere to our comment rules and administering appropriate action when an offending comment or user is found. The other half of the role involves looking over content submitted to our queue to ensure it passes our baseline quality standards, approving or declining submissions as necessary.

Fill up the following form in order to participate:

The form will be open until November 24th. We will choose a moderator shortly after that.

And yeah, if you came here for a update. Here they are!

Recent Additions

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NCFC??? GAME JAM?!?!?!?
Nov 4 2020, 1:13 PM

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MFGG Halloween Fangame jam is over and we have a bunch of great fangames that came out of it.

You can play them from below, though, some of those games are already getting uploaded to MFGG too!

We also have NCFC going on right now, which also has a bunch of great fangames, not just from Mario, but from multiple different franchises.

Oh yeah, we even have some new games uploaded here too!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Odyssey Safari
[Platform] By Qw2
Mario's off on a globe-trotting adventure!
Or, he would be if not for some faulty wiring. Explore ...
Thumbnail Super Mario: Magnum Opus (DEMO 0.1)
[Action] By grizzledwarveteran23
The Mario Bros. receive a letter from their so-called "third brother". It leads them to a ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros: Escapade - World 1 DEMO
[Adventure] By Expert_Eft
Super Mario Bros: Escapade - World 1 DEMO except the first level is the actual first level ...
Thumbnail Kamek's Midnight Flight
[Shoot 'em Up] By Swoof
Nabbit has stolen the legendary "Miyamoto" book from Kamek's Library. In the wrong hands, ...
(Expanded Version) SMBSS Plumbers in SMAS SMB1 Style [PART 4] By Victor ManuelMR
(Expanded Version) SMBSS Plumbers in SMAS SMB1 Style [PART 5/FINAL] By Victor ManuelMR
Mario vs. Donkey Kong - HUD Elements By Super Piter
M&LPJ Custom Battle Stuff 3.0 By FieryExplosion
SMM Series - NSMBW Enemies Bundle By Mariofan230
Kirby Fighters 2 Custom Player HUD By FieryExplosion
SMM2 SMB3 Toad & Toadette in Minigames By GlacialSiren484
SMAS Miscellaneous Sprites for Toad By GlacialSiren484, xxxJonnieWalker2005, SubPixelGamer
Another Odyssey-Styled Custom HUD By FieryExplosion
Earthbound / MOTHER 2: Encounter Swirls By Super Piter
Custom Daisy Sprites By ThatOneUniqueToad
Fred Flintstone in SMB1 Sytle By Victor ManuelMR
Skipsqueak (Yoshi's Island-Style) By OmegaF.
Reznor By OmegaF.

Have fun kiddos.
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