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[DL] SMB2 Misc. Enemies and Objects By: Crafink
I remade a handful of elements from the Mario series in the SMB2 art style. There are Question blocks, Goombas, Koopas, Thwomps, switches, and more. I may update this sheet with more sprites in the future. Credit is very appreciated!
Downloads: 335
Added: 11/19/21
[DL] SMB1 & SMW Pipeland Theme By: Crafink
I like how Mario Maker 2 used SMB3's pipeland world for its forest theme, but it made me wonder how it would look as its own separate theme, so I made custom versions for the other styles! I gave SMB1 an industrial look, and I designed SMW like a ...
Downloads: 1318
Added: 07/07/21
[DL] 16-bit SMB1 Ashen Theme By: Crafink
Based on 6-3 of SMB1. NOTES: The custom ground palette looks kind of ugly on pipes, so I suggest using the standard green pipes with this theme
Downloads: 1542
Added: 08/17/20
[DL] 16-bit Lost Levels Revamps By: Crafink
Most of the SMB1/TLL sprites in All-Stars are made from scratch, but I remade the sprites styled specifically after SMB1 to be styled after TLL instead
Downloads: 1801
Added: 08/17/20
[DL] 16-bit SMB1 Autumn Theme By: Crafink
Based on 8-2 of The Lost Levels; comes with tiles, backgrounds and custom palettes
Downloads: 1259
Added: 08/15/20
[DL] 16-bit SMB1 Snowy Athletic Backgrounds By: Crafink
Based on 3-3 of The Lost Levels; comes with backgrounds and custom palettes
Downloads: 1424
Added: 08/14/20
[DL] 16-bit SMBDX You VS. Boo Sprites By: Crafink
The sprites from SMB Deluxe's You VS. Boo race mode in All Stars style. This sheet comes with the 4 Boo variants and the switch tiles. Credit not required to use but would be appreciated
Downloads: 1322
Added: 08/13/20
[DL] 16-bit SMM SMB1 Doors By: Crafink
A simple sheet I haven't seen anyone else do yet. This sheet comes with the 3 door variants from Mario Maker, Weird Mario easter egg poses and custom color palettes. enjoy!
Downloads: 1125
Added: 08/12/20
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