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[DL] Custom Enemies 2 (Collab with LinkGamer715) By: SuperSprite56
Downloads: 456
Added: 11/20/19
[DL] SMB3 Wario By: SuperSprite56
Edited from Misteryt1MFGG's SMB1 SMAS Wario.
Downloads: 847
Added: 07/31/19
[DL] Pirate Enemies in SMB1 By: SuperSprite56
SMB Enemies, but they're pirates. Not much else I can say. Credit to AwesomeZack for the original Rips.
Downloads: 948
Added: 07/27/19
[DL] Boom Boom in New Super Mario Bros. By: SuperSprite56
I guess I'm back, a bit early...? Uh, Credit to Theo402 for the castle background...
Downloads: 1064
Added: 07/15/19
[DL] YI Goombario By: SuperSprite56
It's Goombario! Mario's Goomba partner from Paper Mario now in Yoshi's Island style!!! Credit to AwesomeZack for Mario and A.J. Nitro for the Giant Guy in the Thumbnail. Give Credit.
Downloads: 601
Added: 06/21/19
[DL] YI Parakarry By: SuperSprite56
The Clumsy Mail-delivering Koopa himself... Parakarry! Credit to AwesomeZack for Mario in the thumbnail.
Downloads: 516
Added: 06/21/19
[DL] Mouser in SMW By: SuperSprite56
Mouser Leads an explosive path to the SMW Style! Includes extra poses, Regular Bombs, and Bob-ombs! Credit to Mister Man for Mario in the thumbnail, and Beam Luinsir Yosho (TSR) for the Castle Background. Also credit to Blue Kirby for original SMAS SMB2 ...
Downloads: 907
Added: 06/19/19
[DL] Nabbit in SMB3 By: SuperSprite56
Dag Nabbit! Nabbit runs with his sack of power-ups into SMB3 style! Credit to Bmatsantos for the SMB3 Font, And AwesomeZack for Luigi and the Tileset in the thumbnail. Give Credit :)
Downloads: 630
Added: 06/09/19
[DL] Broodals in SMB1 By: SuperSprite56
Topper, Hariet, Rango & Spewart all in 1 SMB1 spritesheet, Frankly I'm surprised I've had this for so long yet not submitted it yet. Also credit to AwesomeZack for Mario and Polar Koala for the ground. Please give me credit if you use this.
Downloads: 607
Added: 05/16/19
[DL] SMW Nabbit By: SuperSprite56
Dag Nabbit! Thanks to AwesomeZack for Mario in the thumbnail. Give Credit to me please.
Downloads: 837
Added: 05/14/19
[DL] SMM Ant Trooper By: SuperSprite56
Ant Troopers climb up the wall to Super Mario Maker in 16 styles! Credit to AwesomeZack for Mario, Luigi, and Toad, SNF for the Blocks & Random Talking Bush (TSR) for Background in the thumbnail. Please give credit to me if you use this.
Downloads: 930
Added: 05/14/19
[DL] Super Mario Bros. Custom Enemies By: SuperSprite56
Credit to LinkGamer715
Downloads: 889
Added: 05/13/19
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