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Game Reviewed Super Mario: Peach Is Missing, by natty777
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Created Nov 5 2008, 11:56 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Your average platformer with custom graphics and MMF2 default platform engine etc etc. One of the worst platformers I've played. Has an installer which is completely unnecessary.
Objective is to find Peach, who is apparently in the hands of Bowser. There are 8 levels + 3 Bowser Battles.
Full custom graphics made by natty777.
Pros ..tell me some
Cons - MMF2 Default Platformer
- Very few animations
- Loud sound effects
- Too hard to hear music
- Bad boss battles
- Horrid custom graphics
- Was the installer necessary?
- Controls get reset after you die
- You're sent to the title screen when you die (you can continue the level though)
- And lots more
1 / 10
Peach got lost again and Mario runs to find her because Bowser got her.. How interesting.
It uses the default MMF2 engine, which suck IMO. Stomping enemies makes them.. disappear. Even Koopas don't turn into shells. Going OVER a Thwomp kills you. Mushrooms give you lives. If an enemy hurts you, there's no way to actually tell if you got hurt or no without looking at the lives. This is especially annoying when you're under a fireball chain and get hit 2-3 times. Oh, and the boss battle. You have to jump on Bowser and just keep tapping left/right, Mario jumps on him and bounces back. Btw, when you first play the game you have to press C then space to get through the titlescreen. 1.
2 / 10
..They're custom graphics? Cool. But they are horrible. Mario is tall and thin, Goombas are small and chubby, blocks are oddly shaped, coins + fireballs are sprites, Thwomps look weird. Everything looks like an MS Paint drawing tbh. And adding sprites to drawings is a big no no. Also, the title screen is weird.. 2.
4 / 10
The sound effects are EXTREMELY loud, while the midi can hardly be heard. Some of the midis were audible, but some levels were quiet. Also, NEVER play this game at night. My speakers at 1 volume were playing like at 50. 4.
1 / 10
The game resides in my Recycle Bin. And I'm pretty sure it will happen to yours too. 1.
Final Words
1 / 10
Although there's room for improvement, this is not one of the better games on MFGG. Try harder, natty777. 1/10 from me.

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