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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Odyssey (Ch1), by smbmaster99
Review Author Yoshi542
Created Apr 23 2021, 9:31 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Bros. Odyssey is meant to be a retelling of Super Mario Brothers 1. It succeeds in that factor pretty well! The levels are fresh and original, while still having only SMB1 assets.
Pros -Two playable characters, with different abilities! Mario can wall jump, Luigi can Super Jump from Mario USA, that's pretty clever!
-Brand new sprites!
-Awesome cutscenes!
Cons -You have to unlock other things by collecting coins in the main adventure.
-Maybe I'm just bad, but Hammer Brothers can be REALLY annoying.
8 / 10
The controls are tight and work well. The physics are great! The genuine platforming never feels out of place. Level design, while being difficult at times, is alright. Some enemies are harder than others.
8 / 10
The graphics are pixelated, just like the original game. It gives off a SMAS vibe, with slightly lighter colors. Speaking of color, they are really vibrant and exciting, no matter the object.
7 / 10
Most of the music is remixed from other Mario games (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). The sound effects never feel out of place. Overall, they rocked the sound department.
Final Words
10 / 10
In short, Super Mario Bros. Odyssey is an AMAZING game and feels like something Nintendo would actually release on a console. If you get the chance, download it!

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