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Game Reviewed Normal Super Mario Bros., by gamester
Review Author nnk
Created Apr 26 2009, 8:44 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
A very normal game where only normal things happen.
Pretty cookie cutter if you ask me, but it's a good play.
Pros -a subtle sense of humor
-tight controls
-makes you want to explore everything
-interesting enemy design
-makes an 20+ year old level feel brand spankin' new
-the cheap way of getting high
Cons -slight sprite clashing
-you aren't given specific instructions on how to do some of the "minigames" and you have to learn on the fly
9 / 10
The game starts out as a very mediocre Mario game, but once you reach that first flashing block everything changes.

The rest of the game is basically a drug-induced Mario game with a few WarioWare-like mini games thrown in to keep things lively. None of these game are particularly hard because the controls for this gave has been fine tuned and are incredibly responsive.

I have only ran into one error in this fangame. When I jumped on one of the "Goombas" from the air on it's left side the game registered that I hit it 10+ times, but the rest of the time that I played I never saw this again and I assume it is a rare error.

There is still one other thing that I dislike.In the normal segments Mario's jumping is much higher than normal, but considering that it is only a few seconds of this entire game it doesn't seem to make a difference.
9 / 10
There is extreme clashing in this game, but since this game is just a shroom induced trip into Mario's world all of these fit right in. The background is almost hypnotizing with all of it's beautiful flashing colors.
8 / 10
The music is very entertaining and adds to the overall theme. The sound effects for the rest of the game are well placed and make the game a much more enjoyable experience.
10 / 10
Although this game is only one level long, it has immense replay value, if only for the funny situations. For sure I will keep this game and play it every once in awhile just to try and shave a few seconds off my time.
Final Words
10 / 10
This is one of the many Mario fangames that I would recommend to anyone. The creator's spin on the Mushroom Kingdom makes this game stand out among the rocks, and this one shines like a diamond.

This game has a little something for everyone to enjoy, whether it is the hilarious gameplay, the jokes or the minigames in between the "usual" gameplay.

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