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It's been a while...
Aug 26 2019, 9:36 PM

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Not since the last site update mind you, that was like a week ago. It's just been a while for me personally because I barely post mainsite updates.

I swear, it's not my fault! People just beat me to it all the time!

Anyway, our Writing Competition has ended, and if you entered, expect judgement to be cast within the next little while here. Beyond that though, this has been a relatively quiet and smooth week for MFGG, so sit back, enjoy these submissions, and prepare for the upcoming fall season as summer goes through its final stages.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Power Star Frenzy - Star Archives
[Platform] By Random.NICK
This is a collection of unfinished content from the PSF Legacy version including unseen levels, Wario ...
Thumbnail Dodge the Bills
[Minigame] By Ultramario
Jump and stomp on Bullet Bills without crashing into them. Simple as that.

This is a minigame ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Batman Bros. Co-Op
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By NesDraug
Bruce Wayne has grown old. He is no longer the Batman he used to be but he still needs to rescue Robin ...
Game and Watch Gallery 2 Waluigi By igotanewaccountomg
Bullet Bills 2 By Geo
NSMBW/NSMBU Giant Glow Blocks in SMM By DryBones512
SMM2 NSMBU Semisolids in SNES style - Part 1: Snow (Day and Night); 32x32px By DryBones512
SMB3 Remade Lemmy sprites By mariofan230

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