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Quote (macron44 on Nov 21 2020, 11:01 PM)
Honestly, this is very ambitious, and just the fact he lost the staff role just for this, is just sickening. Sure, controls are floaty, and the game can sometimes be cringe, but it was an effort.

It "being cringe" and it "being floaty" has nothing to do with the reaction to the game and ultimately Hello losing the staff role. If this was an isolated case, yeah it's a god awful game but it was a one-time god awful game, people make mistakes move on. But the problem is, this isn't an isolated case. This is a 3rd in a series of barely functional games that all suffer from fundamental game design issues. People complained, the other staff complained, but Hello completely ignored the complaints. To be fair, Hello didn't completely ignore them, but the necessary fixes to the fundamental problems were never addressed, and the ones that were "fixed" often ended up being made worse than they were before the fix. The reason Hello lost the staff role is that, as Scott Cawthon said about Fnaf World, they were putting sugar on a turd. No matter how much sugar you put on a turd, it will never become a cake, and at some point, you have to throw out the turd and bake a cake. Hello didn't do that. Instead of baking the dang cake, they kept serving the turd over and over with more sugar. This one you could even take some bites of the sugar without tasting the turd, but eventually, you will find that it isn't a cake and is the same dang turd he served you twice before. That is why the reaction was so bad. It's not that the game itself was deserving of it, but that the context behind it turned it into the straw that broke the camel's back. And before you comment saying that "it doesn't matter, Hello still tried to do what you asked, stop throwing a fit" I ask you to look and the NSMB controversy. The same thing happened here as with the NSMB series. Things were changed sure, but nowhere near enough was changed, and the major issues people had weren't changed. So people got mad. Really, really mad.
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I haven't played enough of this game yet to review it, but already I hate it. The controls are some of the worst controls ever. period. Mario moves way too slow, but when you dive, he suddenly gets a massive boost of speed and launches off of any platform you're standing on. Speaking of the dive, it barely even works. literally half of the time I try to dive Mario starts a ground pound and then cancels it into a downward hat throw. on the opposite end of the response spectrum is the side flip, which is way too easy to do. every single time, and I mean, EVERY, SINGLE, TIME, You try to turn and jump Mario will side flip. This is really annoying when I try to jump and move backwards to stop the momentum I get from landing with a dive, only for Mario just side flip and I fall off the platform anyway. Actually, scratch it being annoying when trying to correct for a dive, it's absolutely infuriating any time when I just want to turn and jump at the same time and Mario leaps valiantly off of the platform I'm standing on. Adding onto this is the fact that the game gives no direction at all to the player, so I'm getting overloaded with objectives at every single corner, and you have a game I don't want to play at all.
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The pros and cons list is longer than the actual review sections and even has a pro or two listed in cons (like the reward for 100%ing the game). The context given in the review doesn't really match the review score given either.

All around a very poor quality review of a game that really didn't need another 1/10 score. I think the message has been heard loud and clear throughout the community that the community thinks the game is shit at this point.

I made the pros and cons list longer than the actual review section because it represents my opinion of this game much better than any other way of doing it would. I wanted to drive in the 1 step forward 2 steps back this game takes over and over. The "pros listed in cons" as you say it I added because of how I organized the review. Sometimes I had only nitpicks or nothing bad to say at all about my chosen sections and I wanted to make that clear. However, in this review there are numerous obvious gramatical and spelling errors I could have fixed, and it could have been executed better overall. That said I do not regret writing this review, and I think the score is completely justified. While I may not have ended on a "true con" I think the sheer amount of cons on the 2 key things in 3D platform games (the control and camera) should have made the final score seem completely reasonable. I am not exadurating when I say this game drained my soul.
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I've hit the point the other guy did on Toadette's Horrible Game. I don't even want to review this. From the reviews I've seen, this game is miserable. From the comments I've seen, this game is miserable. From the screenshot, it's clear this is the third in the Prism Trilogy, and the first two were awful and god awful, so I don't even want to experience this. It's clear Hello has learned the opposite of anything and seems to be making worse and worse games while blatantly ignoring criticism in a similar fashion to yandere dev.