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Game Reviewed Super Mario Carnage, by hugobros
Review Author Mechant
Created Jul 15 2010, 9:46 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Carnage is a "run and gun" styled game that tries to be like Metal Slug, but fails miserably. Mario must run around killing every enemy he sees (enemies that don't even retaliate, making it a one-sided game) while refilling on bullets along the way. The graphics are gory as hell, and the game is easy as hell. Should you give it a shot? (Pun intended) No.
Pros +Somewhat original idea
Cons -Poorly-designed HUD
-Poor engine
-Bad graphics
-No challenge at all
2 / 10
In this game, you play as Mario with a gun. You use this gun to run back and forth in levels to kill every enemy you see. And you have to kill every enemy, or you can't go on to the next level. There are also ammo refills along the way. Sounds fun, right? It isn't. The engine is extremely glitchy, the HUD is poorly designed and confusing, the level design is sub-par, and the game just isn't fun.
3 / 10
Imagine a really bad clash of home-made gory sprites of Yoshi's Island, SMB3, and SMW characters all combined into one game. That's what's going on here, and it doesn't look good at all. Not to mention some of the backgrounds and tiles were custom made, and poorly at that.
4 / 10
The music wasn't great either. Not a big redeeming quality for this game. Not much else can be said about that.
1 / 10
Until the engine is cleaned up, the graphics are touched up, the terrible HUD is fixed, the enemies are given thought and mobility, and thought is put into level design and a decent plot, I would never touch this bad excuse for a "run and gun" game again.
Final Words
2 / 10
This game needs some serious fixing up before it can even become playable.

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