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Game Reviewed Super Mario Carnage, by hugobros
Review Author VinnyVideo
Created Jul 24 2010, 6:09 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Carnage combines two of the worst kinds of fangames around - the Clickteam platform engine and the bloody shoot 'em up. Despite the poor game mechanics, you might be able to get a laugh or two out of this game.
Pros + Funny in tone, unlike nearly all poorly-made or violent fangames
+ Decent hit points system
+ High-resolution graphics
+ Game runs well on older PCs
Cons - Glitchy engine
- No life system; it's game over if you lose even one life
- Easy enemies and final boss; most of the challenge is derived from tricky jumps
- Major graphics clashing
- No weapons or power-ups besides the gun
- High scores don't work
- Awful translation is often hilarious; some of the game is still in French
2 / 10
It's a platform game, and a shooter. What that means is Mario grabs a gun and shoots everything that moves (or doesn't move, in the case of certain crates and statues). This kind of game has been done countless times, and with the exception of Hello's SMB: Bloody Battles, you usually don't get much in the way of gameplay.

The game uses the old-fashioned Clickteam platform engine, which went out of style years ago because of its inherent faults, such as the inability to jump over objects when standing next to them, the problem with repeated jumping if the jump button is held after landing, and the tendency for the character's head to "hang" from ceilings in a weird way. As usual, some of these glitches get in the way of play.

There are some other major problems besides the engine. There's no lives/continues system in this game; if you lose a life, it's Game Over. That's not a huge problem, however, because you're unlikely to run out of energy while playing the game; the enemies are just too weak. Of course, you might fall into a pit, or get fooled by one of the platforms that drops when you stand on it.
3 / 10
Graphics clashing is a major problem in this game. The Yoshi's Island sprites and tiles look particularly out of place here, not to mention the occasional custom graphics that appear. The gross blood effects will turn off a few players, but in the end this game isn't much more disturbing than the average action movie trailer. Thankfully, the game plays at a higher resolution than most of the old-school Clickteam platformers, but the game's graphics are still unimpressive.
3 / 10
Unusual audio choices. The game's author mostly uses MP3s that I don't recognize (I think they're songs from other shooters), throwing in a few of the much-used Super Mario Bros. MIDIs. Sound effects matter a lot in a game of this genre, and the sounds are pretty limited.
2 / 10
This game took me less than ten minutes to complete, and even though the ending is pretty funny, I'd be surprised if you played through this game more than once, unless you really like violent 2-D shooters.
Final Words
3 / 10
Super Mario Carnage offers weak gameplay and enough blood to fill up a vampire, but at least it doesn't take itself very seriously.

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