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Game Reviewed Bark Parking Demo, by Crizz
Review Author Elemental
Created Mar 25 2008, 7:30 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
A simple minigame demo with a simple storeyline, get the 3 chomps into the pipe. An odd storyline it is, but it's interesting. You control all 3 chomps at once, while dodging emerging Piranha Plants from the walls and blocks. The name doesn't really have anything to do with the game itself, as you don't really do any "parking".
Pros - Interesting storyline
- Sound effects are on par with me
- Mildly challenging (controlling 3 objects at once can be a handful), also a con, I suppose
Cons - The flashy title and the fast moving background (in the title screen) is annoying
- Music is unfitting for the title screen
- Bosses are almost impossible to defeat (you're either dead set hitting them on the top of their head or you're dead)
5 / 10
The controls are pretty simple, move with the left and right keys to move the 3 chomps together towards the pipe. To get to the goal, you have to bopunce your way up, while dodging the emerging piranha plants, and making sure one of your chomps don't fall or get stuck, while can be a pain, because if one of them dies, you have to start that particular level all over again. It's not a huge loss, but can get annoying for a game like this. What's interesting is that there's a life glitch. You pretty much have unlimited lives, whether you have 1 or -1, you will never have to worry about completely starting over should you reach 0 lives. And watch out for the time, them black boo's will come after you if you take too long. It was totally unexpected when I first played, don't take time so lightly!
5 / 10
Graphics are decent, but the title screen is half the problem itself. Flashy text and fast moving backgrounds are a turnoff and are an eyesore. And the only (above) par sprites are the official SMB3 piranha plant sprites and the blocks and background from YI. The 1UP image doesn't fit with the rest of the sprites used at all. It's not even a sprite itself.
7 / 10
Sound effects were okay, but the bouncing chomp's sounds can get annoying, as you're constantly bouncing on/off blocks. The background music is pretty okay too.
4 / 10
At the moment, I would not replay this a whole lot, there are glitches and graphics to be fixed up. It's kinda fun and challenging, though.
Final Words
5 / 10
It's a playable and an original demo, but beware of the eyesores of the title screen and the almost impossible-to-beat bosses that are within this.

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