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[DL] Mr. Yoshbert's Tileset '09 - Grassland By: Mr. Yoshbert
A portion of a very, very, VERY old tileset I made many years ago- say, back when New Super Mario Bros. Wii was all the rage (and I bet you can see its influence on this sheet). Originally made for a Mario fangame that has long since been shelved.
Downloads: 1720
Added: 12/22/15
[DL] Custom Goombobs (SMW Goombas) By: Mr. Yoshbert
The rare spherical kickable Goombas from in Super Mario World, Mario Party Advance, and E-Reader levels for Super Mario Advance 4: SMB3. What do you mean these things don't have an official name? Some people call them Round Goombas, others call ...
Downloads: 1727
Added: 07/05/09
[DL] Custom Koopas and Paratroopas By: Mr. Yoshbert
Koopas, the two-legged tortoises that we all know and love (or hate), that have appeared in almost every Mario game to date. Paratroopas are here as well. Also includes the Koopas with the cool sunglasses from the Paper Mario games, as well as alternate ...
Downloads: 3448
Added: 07/05/09
[DL] Custom Rexes By: Mr. Yoshbert
The squishable dinos from Super Mario World, Super Princess Peach, and the first two Mario and Luigi games. Also includes the Shroob Rex from M&L: Partners in Time.
Downloads: 1682
Added: 01/17/09
[DL] Custom Goombas By: Mr. Yoshbert
Original hand-sprited Goombas inspired by SMB3 and onward, including forms from many Mario games. More forms will be included frequently.
Downloads: 1710
Added: 07/28/08
[DL] SMB2 Daisy Edits By: Mr. Yoshbert
Daisy edited from SMB2 Peach sprites! Also includes more poses!
Downloads: 5405
Added: 09/16/07 Updated: 10/07/07
[DL] SMB2 Peach Edits By: Mr. Yoshbert
Peach from SMB2, with more poses and actions.
Downloads: 5251
Added: 09/16/07 Updated: 10/07/07
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