Review Information
Game Reviewed Bark Parking Demo, by Crizz
Review Author the real wart
Created Aug 2 2008, 11:24 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
All right, another review by me. Semms like one of those fursterating annoying puzzle platformers right? Correct pipe squeezer. And I will tell about this horrid game in my review.
Pros -Original gameplay concept
Cons -Too difficult
-Enemies are unfair and annoying
-It's easy to die
3 / 10
So you play as three chain chomps in each level except for boss battle. The chain chomps bounce around when you control them and try to get them to the exit. It sounds simple but it is not. Did I mention you control three at once and have to watch out for each one because if one dies you have to start all over again. Damn it's frustrating.
5 / 10
Title screen is horrible, the game grpahics are ok but nothing special. This category gets a ok score.
3 / 10
There is just music and sound effects from various mario games. Once again nothing special.
1 / 10
Not much replay since it's a demo and it stinks. This is a game not to play again.
Final Words
2 / 10
A Mario puzzle game where you control three chomps to get to the exit to avoid enemies and losing your temper and breaking your computer. In other words, it's frusterating as hell.

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