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[DL] SMW Cave Remastered By: KesterTank
"I'm not afraid of caves"

A perfect tileset for cave themes, aswell nostalgia from those who liked the SMW Cave tileset.

- Cave Tileset
- Pebbled SMB1-esque Tileset (solid and background)
- ...
Downloads: 1604
Added: 01/07/22
[DL] 3D World esque Grass Tileset By: KesterTank
"Ah the fresh green grass, might aswell touch'em"

A perfect tileset for grasslands themes.

- Grass Tileset + plain and rocky (recommend Mix & match them for decoration)
- Semi-solids Blocks (Comes ...
Downloads: 1601
Added: 01/07/22
[DL] Custom Autumn Tileset By: KesterTank
"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun."

An ideal tileset for autumn/fall themes, could go well with others as recolors are included.

Due to the complexity of the tileset ...
Downloads: 1472
Added: 10/15/21
[DL] Custom Piranha Plants GFX By: KesterTank
"Something is creeping around in these pipes."

Yes, Fire Piranhas and Piranhas Creepers are included in this sheet.
Downloads: 1229
Added: 09/21/21
[DL] Custom Limestone Tileset By: KesterTank
"Ah, it's summer."

Very flexible tileset can be used for beach, tropical, jungle, and mountain levels.
Downloads: 1602
Added: 06/14/21
[DL] SMB1 Overworld Remastered By: KesterTank
"It reminds me of the good old days"

I reused the grass from my athletic tileset, in fact, it was originally meant to be for this tileset.
Downloads: 2092
Added: 03/18/21
[DL] Custom Athletic Tileset By: KesterTank
"Are you afraid of heights, or the big funky mushrooms?"

- Tileset
- Wooden block
- Hills
- Mushroom platforms
- Sizeable blocks with 2 styles

Anyway, I'm working on a Mario game project ...
Downloads: 1583
Added: 01/16/21
[DL] Kester's Block GFX By: KesterTank
A block gfx based on the current appearances of these blocks on Mario games.

Make sure to give credit to me & Kopejo if you're going use them.
Downloads: 2669
Added: 08/05/20
[DL] Kester's Desert Tileset 1# By: KesterTank
Hmm... The sand in the desert, dry, coarse, and warm it is.

The grass in the tileset's soil were ripped from Kirby Mass Attack.
Downloads: 1305
Added: 05/22/20
[DL] Custom Goombas GFX By: KesterTank
My 2nd NPC sheet on this site.

Includes 5 species of the Goomba family
- Goomba
- Galoomba
- Goombrat
- Goombud
- Goombo (SML)

Credit to Icegoom for the SMW redrawn wings, so credit him when you use the ...
Downloads: 1767
Added: 04/06/20
[DL] SMW Grass Tileset Remastered By: KesterTank
Finally my very own first tileset.

- Tileset
- Semi-solids with slopes
- Hill BGO
- Pipes
Downloads: 1830
Added: 04/03/20
[DL] Kester's Random Item Set 1.0 By: KesterTank
I'm back guys, my here's my third submission.
You get power-ups and blocks.
I will add more stuff in the future.
Yeah, the background looks a watermelon did it intentionally because of summer.
Downloads: 2395
Added: 07/01/19
[DL] Kester's Semi-Solids GFX 1.0 By: KesterTank
So I made semi solids blocks from the Mario Series, something special that this has various types of patterns.

List of variations of these blocks
Downloads: 1968
Added: 03/29/19
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