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Quote (Arvil2009 on Sep 23 2021, 2:04 AM)
You forgot the leaves on each Piranha Creeper!

I've based it off from Capitan Toad series which lacked them and I've tried to give them, didn't went well.
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Good game, but I had screen tearing issues while playing it.
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Quote (Evan.F on Apr 5 2020, 12:44 PM)
Looks great, reminds me of SMW. If I can criticize anything, the rocks sort of stand out a little too much, but It's a very minor critique. Other then that, It's a good start and I hope you make more of these.

Yeah, I used SMW grass overworld tileset as a reference.
Soon I may make more, desert one is likely to be next tileset as I have a cactus bgo gfx that been for some time so I might bring with it.
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I wonder if Kopejo returns?
Heard that he's making another of his graphic item sheet.
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A nice semisolid sheet that I can use them for snow levels.
I liked the snow rocky semisolid one the most.
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those tileset are the best but i can't find the best background for these.
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I'm using for a SMBX project