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Game Reviewed Essence Of Waluigi, by Ralorche
Review Author King Piranha Plant
Created Aug 2 2021, 8:16 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Over the years on MFGG, my favorite fangames have always been the weird ones that standout for their creativity and oddness. Essence of Waluigi is certainly one of those, a strange, dark little fangame that attempts to take itself seriously and somehow succeeds.

In this game, a dark power called the "Essence of Waluigi" is attempting to take over the world and replace it with an eerie purple utopia. It's vaguely explained that at some point in the past, Luigi was killed by the essence. And now, Mario awakens from a recurring nightmare and decides to finally avenge his brother and defeat Waluigi, along with the dark mysterious force that has corrupted him.

For an idea as silly as this, the game somehow delivers the premise in a solid way. DrZuplow uses awesome custom art, a touch of humor, pretty dope worldbuilding, and a killer soundtrack, to craft a short little epic game.

You play as Mario (looking like Capt. Lou Albano from the 80's Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon) and platform your way through strange landscapes, hitting baddies with your hammer and shouting "PASTA POWER" repeatedly.
Pros *Really cool plot with some strong, dark worldbuilding
*Generally smooth platforming gameplay with fun extra moves/attacks
*Amazing music
*Stylish, good looking visuals
*A standout game on MFGG for its uniqueness
Cons *Frustrating at times, mainly due to tall, vertically scaled levels where you can repeatedly fall off
*Level design feels a bit minimal and bland. But in terms of atmosphere and art design, the levels rock
8 / 10
Mario platforms pretty smoothly and can use neat moves, including a double jump, triple jump, a dive attack, and a hammer swing. The game functions great and contains decent boss battles. The only downside is that playing through the levels can be a bit frustrating, particularly the final Waluigi tower level. Please avoid making tall, vertical levels without any checkpoints! Falling repeatedly and waiting for moving platforms can be such a nuisance.

Overall though, I had a blast and wanted more.

The game also has a lot of replay value, as there are three different endings based on how many coins you collect. Good stuff!
10 / 10
The original art is stellar. The dark, trippy worldbuilding had me totally sucked in. even with the goofy 80's Super Show Mario and Luigi (and they were awesome looking, detailed sprites).
10 / 10
It's a surprisingly good feeling to hear music that feels like it would fit the dark final levels of a long, epic RPG, while platforming your way through a freaky interdimensional-looking Waluigi dystopia. I'm not sure where the music in this game came from, or if it was original, but the sound was fantastic!
Final Words
9 / 10
A game that manages to take a silly plot about a dark Lovecraftian Waluigi and deliver it in an almost 100% serious tone. It's short, creative, and a little epic, with a weirdness that feels like it came right out of MFGG's golden days.

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