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[DL] Custom HUD Pieces By: UltLuigi [W]
Stuck at a point of development where you need sprites for a Heads-up Display, but don't know where to look? Have no fear, for I have created one just for everyone to use! Though remember to recolour it to fit your game. That's important, too. ...
Downloads: 3049
Added: 09/09/14
[DL] Super Mario Land 2 Modernification Edits By: UltLuigi [W]
Yet another installment in the ever-branching path to restylize the sprites of yesteryear, this time with Super Mario Land 2! It contains a custom/edited Luigi, bomb forms, powerups, and effects.
Downloads: 3357
Added: 05/04/13
[DL] Dreamy Luigi Forms By: UltLuigi [W]
Well, here's a custom based on Dreamy Luigi from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team! There will be more forms added as the game gets closer to release.
Downloads: 4372
Added: 04/29/13
[DL] Super Mario World Mario and Luigi Modernization Edits By: UltLuigi [W]
Whew. Worked really hard on this one!
I also think I went a bit crazy with that there thumbnail. First one to realize what it's a reference to and how I did it gets a cookie.
Anyway, give credit where credit is due.
Downloads: 4997
Added: 04/25/13
[DL] ULTRA NEW Luigi By: UltLuigi [W]
Part 2 of my new sprite series. Please recolor to prevent clones. BTW, the Yoshi in there is a WIP.
Downloads: 2032
Added: 12/23/12
[DL] ULTRA NEW Mario By: UltLuigi [W]
The first installment of my new style AND also my first sprite submission! C+C is condoned.
If you use it, PLEASE recolor it to prevent clones.
Downloads: 2185
Added: 12/22/12
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