The Museum Of Mr. Pence
By: DrZuplow
The museum of Mr. Pence has opened and people from all over the world are going to visit it.
An edgy plumber named "Skullpain" has decided to check out the museum.
This is a compilation of three Mr. Pence games.

The games included are:
Mr. Pence's Christmas Blast!
NEW! Mr. Pence
and a secret third game.

You can also see artwork from almost all the Mr. Pence games and talk to the other people at the museum.
(All games are mostly the same as the original versions, there are only a few differences).
Completion: Full Game Genre: Comedy
Franchise: Mario

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Sep 27 2019, 10:30 PM
I genuinely enjoy this game compilation!
The whimsical sounds and the welcoming soundtrack also makes this a fun experience.
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