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Game Reviewed Mr. Pence Travels The World: Definitive Edition, by DrZuplow
Review Author sant1507
Created Jan 27 2019, 7:24 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mr. Pence Travels The World: Definitive Edition is a nice, short game that you probably would like to play if you like good "shoot"-posting. The third game of the series is probably the best - I said probably because the first game it's not available on MFGG and I didn't found it even googling it. Also, you can check the second game just searching here on MFGG.
The game shows an huge evolution compared to the second game, Mr. Pence Goes To The Dough Disco: Definitive Edition. Though the previous game is trash (the gameplay is screwed up and I didn't have fun playing it), in general this game succeeds in being fun: the controls work, the gameplay runs well and even if the level design doesn't look good, that's acceptable - this was probably made on purpose. It's a s***-posting, right? It doesn't has to be beautiful/well-done.
Also, the download includes an amazing and funny manual! It made me laugh for a while.
But, the game's not perfect. Sometimes, the level design can be repetitive and the replay factor seems not exists.
Pros Funny story
Okay/nice graphics (playing on Windowed screen)
Nice soundtrack
Good levels (some of them)
Cons Abrupt change of quality: the first part of the game seems bad on purpose, while the second part is really good to be a s***-posting.
Repetitive level design here or there
Replay factor almost nule
8 / 10
The first levels of the game get boring after a while. After completing the first 3 or 4, the game has a "boost": the gameplay, graphics and story have a better quality than before.
The gameplay? Yeah, it's good. Even if it sometimes the game and level design looks unfair in some part of it, in general this deserves an 8/10.
8 / 10
As I said in Gameplay topic, they get better after a while. When it happens, the graphics get an upgrade and they look so much nicer than before. If you ever played a Mario game before, you'll recognize some graphics. The world map's not beautiful, but some levels compensate the score.
9 / 10
In general, the soundtrack is good. Don't expect bad and repetitive songs, every level has a different song that you probably heard in another games. Also, it has funny SFX, like jumping (YAHOO!).
3 / 10
I can't really say that this has a good replay value. The game doesn't feels attractive to play it again after you finish it. So, don't expect to open it again.
Final Words
8 / 10
The third game of the "Mr. Pence" series shows you that even a s***-posting is can be a good game. It's not perfect, but it worths the download.

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Feb 1 2019, 11:57 AM
The first Mr. Pence game is included in the Mr. Pence Collection which can be found on Game Jolt.

It's worse than the second game so I wouldn't recommend playing it.
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