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[DL] Scoot Bloop By: EpicLuigi
The only unused enemy from Partners in Time
Downloads: 272
Added: 03/02/17
[DL] Mario & Luigi in Pitfall Style. By: EpicLuigi
I decided to give this a go. Original sprite by Cavery210.
Downloads: 914
Added: 01/14/17
[DL] Mario & Luigi Stuff in SMB3 Style By: EpicLuigi
Here are the sprites:
Jump Helmet (Bowser's Inside Story)
High Jump (Superstar Saga)
Spin Jump (Superstar Saga)
Downloads: 993
Added: 12/17/16
[DL] NES Open Tournament Golf - Credits Rip By: EpicLuigi
I'm back with a new submission.
Downloads: 576
Added: 12/03/16
[DL] NES Open Tournament Golf - Title Screen Rips By: EpicLuigi
Third Submission! This is my first rip, Give credit if used.
Downloads: 636
Added: 08/04/16
[DL] SMM Styled SMB3 Beach Tileset By: EpicLuigi
Kirbypoyo567 said I can upload it. credit to him
Downloads: 1276
Added: 05/30/16
[DL] SML2:Waluigi By: EpicLuigi
No one has made this before. so I decided to make it

Credit to KingGeoshiKoopshi64 for the base
Downloads: 1058
Added: 05/18/16
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