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The foolish day has passed us by
Apr 13 2018, 1:45 AM

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I don't have anything especially profound to say, but I do have an update for you!

We also have some cool new competitions starting up on the forums, so I invite you to check 'em out.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail (DEMO) Catch The Mario 2.0
[Minigame] By MarioMania2460
Here's a big update to Catch The Mario!
Here's what has been added/changed.
Thumbnail The MFGG April Fools 2018 Pack
[Other] By Various MFGG Users
Did you miss out on the April Fools fun? Well, never fear, for we at MFGG have compiled a pack of all ...
Thumbnail Made In MFGG (DEMO)
[Other] By NoNameMFGG
Wario is back with an all new microgame collection at the purest WarioWare style! Use the mouse and ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
SMM pirate goom and goom By mariofan230
SMM slime drop and milde By mariofan230
Random Super Mario Bros 3 Custom Animations By hdtv
Babies Mario and Luigi in smb2 By hdtv
SMM big kuribo's shoe ground pound attack rip By mariofan230
SMM complete bowser jr rip By mariofan230
Damarioman's Handfull o' Baddies By DamariomanII
Custom NES NSMB Castle (8-bit) By KacperDzMARIOFAN, KacperDZ
SMB1, 2, 3, and World Chaos Emeralds By KirbyLover2048
Princess Daisy - SMB2 NES Style By mradamluigi
Super Mario Bros. Ground Tileset Revamped +Revamped Powerups By Krasen Makes Things
Wario in Kirby's Adventure By KirbyLover2048
M&L:SS Catllama (Overworld) By rockythechao
Commodore 64-styled SMB1 Mega Sheet By MegaCDFan235
Fake Coins In 4 Different Styles!!! By hdtv
A Bunch Of Power Ups In Mario Bros!!! By hdtv
Toad & Wario - Wario's Woods (NES) By Dakress
Chain Chomp By OmegaF.
Fighter Fly By OmegaF.
Sounds, Music
Mario Golf World Tour | Sound Effects By RafaMario

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