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MFGG is 18 years old!
Jul 9 2019, 8:41 PM

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It's July 9th 2019, which means MFGG is now 18 years old!

You can receive a special badge if you head to the forums and wish MFGG a Happy Birthday. I mean, you wouldn't want to hurt MFGG's feelings wouldn't you? Plus you get a free badge, what a steal!


Recent Additions
Thumbnail Goomba Goes to the Polls
[Platform] By Pedigree
Get your ballot to the mailbox. Don't let Trump stop you! Six endings all depending on how you make ...
Thumbnail Taco Wario: Neo Grande Battles
[Platform] By Vitiman
My entry for the Ye Olde Jam on the forums

Join Wario, Wario, and Wario on an unstoppable ...
Thumbnail Metallic Madness
[Platform] By LangtonLion64
My entry for the Ye Olde MFGGe Game Jamboree. In this game, you have an unlimited Metal Cap at your ...
Thumbnail Luigi fr*ckin' dies! FOR REAL!!
[Action] By Roo
Luigi is six feet under and Mario must find the culprit. Join him on his roaring rampage of revenge ...
Thumbnail Mario Becomes A Bird
[Comedy] By Hypernova
My entry to the Ye Olde MFGGe Game Jamboree (Jul 6-8, 2019).

Mario is tired of being human ...
Thumbnail Requiem For Egg Mario
[Comedy] By toastiguy
my entry to Ye Olde MFGGe Game Jamboree.

controls are arrows, shift, and control.
to ...
Thumbnail Mario Minigame Mayhem 2
[Comedy] By RevampedSpider
Made for the Ye Olde Jamboree.

The sequel nobody wanted. The game nobody asked for. ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Bowsette Jr. Math (DK Jr. Math Rom Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Kazufox
From the Bowsette Jr. ROM Hack, it’s now time to learn math with Bowsette and Bowsette Jr.! Choose ...
Thumbnail Bowsette Jr.+Lessons (DK Jr.+Jr. Lessons ROM Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Kazufox
Taking a combination of the Bowsette Jr. and Math ROM Hacks into a mixed sample of both. This version ...
Super Improvement Mario Bros (Hack) - Mario & Luigi By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
Kester's Random Item Set 1.0 By KesterTank
SMM2: SMB1 Enemies All-Star Styled By CardBoardBox
SMM Series: SMW Extended Ice Block By Xilore25
16-bit SMB1 Boom Boom (from SMM2) By Evan.F
Super Mario Maker 2 - Beta Twister By tymime
Waluigi in Super Mario World Style By Misteryt1MFGG
SMW Piranha Plants Pack (Part 1/5) By ProCraftDee(PCD)
Super Mario Bros Super Waluigi Sheet 2.0 By RedChan
Improved SMM2 Sprites By TheNintendude64
SMB1 NES Custom Luigi By BM44
Custom Series - Another Tileset Revamp By xXEmmanXx
Grass tiles By Evan.F
SMM2 Staff Roll Tiles Extended/Edited By Darkenny The Spriter
World Heroes 2 SMB1 Edits By MtgamesGnM
New Super Mario Bros. U Jyotyu Tileset Rip (part 1) By Poudink, Random Talking Bush
New Super Mario Bros. U Jyotyu Tileset Rip (part 2) By Poudink, Random Talking Bush
Mini-Mario Factory Game Sprite Sheet By Ryan Silberman
beta SMW Twister (with final palette) By Evan.F

EDIT: Wow, I didn't expect this update to be this massive. We haven't seen this many games in a single update for a while!
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