Debug display script for GameMaker 8.x By: Murio
Here is a "little" debug display script I wrote that shows:
-Frames per second (expected, actual, dropped amount)
-Last keyboard key or mouse button pressed
-Total number of objects (excluding the system object)
-Specified object (argument0)'s info: instance ID, internal obj ID, X&Y co-ords, visibility, currently used sprite (plus sprite info: subimage, speed, size), if it is outside the room
-Current room info: room name as shown in GameMaker, internal ID, size and whether it is persistent or not
It may not be as sophisticated as GameMaker's debug window but it may be useful to have some direct and easy to access information.
Created and tested on GM8 Pro. It should work on GM8.1 Standard. I am not sure of its correct functionality on GM8-8.1 Lite or GM:Studio.
I recommend setting the debug font to Lucida Console size 8 for less obstruction on the game's screen.
I also have provided an example EXE to have a better representation of the script.
Target Applications: GM8

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Jun 13 2014, 2:34 AM
It looks pretty neat, but it takes up a lot of the screen...
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