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[DL] Mario's Super Picross - The Sprites That Matter By: King Piranha Plant
I ripped some of this before, but it was oversized and crappy, also limited. I've now ripped pretty much ALL of the sprites that are not part of the actual picross gameplay; meaning everything that basically matters. These are Super Mario Picross ...
Downloads: 3314
Added: 03/23/08
[DL] Custom Luvbi By: King Piranha Plant
A custom Luvbi from Super Paper Mario with several face expressions. No credit needed
Downloads: 3242
Added: 03/22/08 Updated: 03/23/08
[DL] Bowser In Tolstar's Cannon By: King Piranha Plant
I couldn't find this anywhere, so I decided to rip all of the animations myself. From ML:SS; enjoy! Ripped by KPP; no credit needed.
Downloads: 3795
Added: 07/06/07
[DL] Custom Castle Bleck Set By: King Piranha Plant
Updated with much more. A large set of the main things you need to make a Castle Bleck Level. Custom made by KPP, no credit needed. Do not claim. Also contains an inverted version so you can make white objects with black outlining, along with black objects ...
Downloads: 4579
Added: 06/29/07 Updated: 07/08/07
[DL] Custom Battle Beetle By: King Piranha Plant
Custom Battle Beetle from SML2. Done from the Sprite Competition #111. Made by KPP; no credit needed.
Downloads: 2063
Added: 06/28/07
[DL] Custom King Croacus By: King Piranha Plant
An old custom King Croacus spritesheet. Despite what the sheet says, no credit is needed
Downloads: 3314
Added: 06/19/07 Updated: 06/22/07
[DL] Yoshi's Safari Backgrounds and Extras By: King Piranha Plant
Backgrounds from the SNES shooting game, Yoshi's Safari. May be updated later with Boo Mansion and Bowser's Castle backgrounds. Also has a few extra sprites! Ripped by King Piranha Plant.
Downloads: 6272
Added: 10/01/06
[DL] Super Mario Picross Rips By: King Piranha Plant
All the sprites you would want from Super Mario Picross -- there isn't really much more to rip than this. Despite what the sheet says, no credit is needed.
Downloads: 3177
Added: 10/01/06
[DL] SML4 Ultra Sheet By: King Piranha Plant
Contains many sprites from the Gameboy pirate game, Super Mario Land 4. Good for GB styled fangames. No credit needed
Downloads: 6404
Added: 09/08/06
[DL] Super Mario Land 2 Bonus Room! By: King Piranha Plant
A complete rip of everything in the bonus room, part-by-part. Ripped by Kpp.
Downloads: 1953
Added: 09/04/06
[DL] Kpp Super 8-Bit Yoshi's Island By: King Piranha Plant
Tons of Yoshi's Island sprites in 8-bit, also an extra section containing 8-bit coins in over 10 different colours!
Downloads: 2949
Added: 08/04/06
My first lib, containing tons and tons of edits, some good and many beginner-done. Recolours of SML sprites, 8-bit edits, and more.
Downloads: 3304
Added: 08/03/06
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