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Quote (LuigiMario79 on Apr 2 2021, 12:25 AM)
Just asking out of curiosity, but are you by any chance planning to expand this with more customs, such as big variants of the world map sprites?

Yeah, i have this, but for now only in SMWCentral
Mar 12 2021, 4:06 PM See Page
Quote (Sam ViewsX on Mar 10 2021, 10:08 PM)
This Are AMAZING!!!

Thanks ^^
Mar 2 2021, 6:03 PM See Page
Already Is the same order of the other custom(From SMM), maybe take Time crearte New template but i think, i can
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Quote (Gabeweidele on Nov 18 2020, 2:26 AM)
cam you do the smas + smw luigi sprite of the same thing for this?

Sure, updating this file
Nov 13 2020, 6:52 AM See Page
Quote (UrJust2Ez4Me on Nov 12 2020, 11:47 PM)
show me the mario gif

In Discord
Nov 8 2020, 12:30 AM See Page
Quote (Theopold on Nov 7 2020, 7:01 PM)
Is there an equivalent for Mario and Luigi?

Oct 20 2020, 3:31 AM See Page
This is Awesome
Aug 26 2020, 9:47 PM See Page
Quote (Weegee36013 on Jul 12 2020, 4:58 PM)
ok, how about doing a city theme.

Hard, but i try to make this
Aug 26 2020, 9:44 PM See Page
**Updating the others tilesets with new slopes**
Aug 23 2020, 4:30 AM See Page
Quote (Evan.F on Aug 22 2020, 8:16 PM)
Look, just because the well your passion for quality well has become dryer then the sun doesn't mean you get to encourage new members to be use similar excuses

Sorry if I come off as rude though.

What? If he can improve it, but being new should not exaggerate either, it created some small background, and this tileset are an official color palette of SMW, also I mention this being objective
Aug 22 2020, 5:39 PM See Page
Quote (Evan.F on Aug 22 2020, 10:31 AM)
Some BGO's and the rest is a recolour. I thought there was a rule against this?

Dude, let's be honest, if nintendo were to add these themes, it would look like this, a tileset of these colors and new small background, just like it happened with the desert theme.
Aug 19 2020, 7:09 PM See Page
Woow what happened here?
Aug 16 2020, 10:26 PM See Page
Nice work 👀
Aug 3 2020, 9:44 PM See Page
Quote (Luigifan1115 on Aug 3 2020, 7:56 PM)
how did you know i needed these right now

Magic ✨
Jul 29 2020, 11:46 AM See Page
well, i will make sure to upload some ripp here first, i also did it in The Spriters Resource, but someone else replaced the file, and my only contribution to this is no longer
Jul 28 2020, 8:53 PM See Page
Quote (Random_Jester_YT on Jul 28 2020, 8:31 PM)

Well, they're updating the smb2 ripps lately(in the spriters resource)
Jul 13 2020, 9:20 PM See Page
Nice job 👀
Jul 12 2020, 5:43 AM See Page
Oh I almost forgot, here are the Background frames
Jul 12 2020, 5:39 AM See Page
Quote (Weegee36013 on Jul 11 2020, 10:30 PM)
I really like it, I think it's one of your best jobs so far.

Thanks, you can also give me ideas for some tileset
Jul 6 2020, 11:42 AM See Page
Quote (Hypernova on Jul 6 2020, 1:18 AM)
Please stick to English posts:

Oh, I understand, although I can respond to the comments in Spanish, but no problem
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